Experiences, side effects to weekly Paclitaxel & 3rd week Carboplatmin

Early morning thoughts…

Experiences and side effects weekly paclitaxel every 3rd week caboplatmin

Moving on to my next 12 treatments being weekly paclitaxel with every 3rd week carboplatmin 

Heard paclitaxel is manageable than EC which just completed 4 cycles its back to the unknow of how will cope sure oncologyist said carboplatmin is harsher but have no idea.

Know we are stronger than we think and will find ways of coping bit any tips feedback of how your coping or coped will be good to know.   


I had 9 cycles on Paclitaxel (after 3 of EC).I found the paclitaxel much easier to cope with than the EC, but the tiredness did build up as the weeks went by.

I didn’t have carboplatin but my friend did and she found those weeks much harder and she felt much more tired and needed to take things easier those weeks.

Lou x

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