Extensive node involvement ladies, please, please post,i'd love to hear from anyone who's in the same boat as me..

Hiya ladies, Hope you are all well…

I would really love to hear from more ladies who’s had or have just recently being told they have extensive node involvement. i’d love to hear your stories and how you felt. It gives me lots of inspiration when i hear positive news and the fact im not the only one…

Many thanks

KB xx

Well you already know I am one and I am feeling really fed up with it being like a horror movie doom scenario as there are other ways cancer can spread, yet lymph nodes seem to be the focus of so much attention designed to depress those of us with BC I think…
I am not medically trained but I really do not see it negatively, I think it meant they were doing their job and I just donñ´t think it is helpful to make us feel like worse case scenarios jsut because our infection /invasion bandits were working overtime!!! I was scared at first but now I really do feel like this - youa re so ahead of me on this road so waht do I know (having a bad day today) but I refuse to be depressed by this more thna i am already by other things!!!
I probably haven´t helped but I know how much this matters to you so wanted to reply.

Thanking you, Sascha…it is depressimg when people think its soooh surprising that we have so many nodes involved…we need more extensive node ladies to post…Hi,i am karen and im node positive…lol…sorry but youve gotta laugh…x

I love it - so here we go
Hi everyone this is my first meeting - I am Sascha and I too am Node positive…and allergic to the word positive in other settings if given as an instruction as to how to cope with little c…so be warned fellow NP´s…

lol…well i know this isnt a joke but it would be lovely to hear from ladies who are in the same boat…it just gives us inspiration tbh x

hi ladies
i had node/vascular/intramammory involvment thought i was buggered to be honest but no here i still am 2 and a half yrs down the line
ladies get diognosed with secondary without node involvment so yeah i agree the nodes did its job and to that i shall be forever thankfull
they did say to me the younger you are your more likely to have all the involvment
chin up ladies it was caught and we will and can beat this rubbish
alison xxxx

Hiya Alison, thank you very much for your comment and fanatstic that you are doing really well… great inspiration…Heck i so know what you mean about the buggered feeling…lol…what is vascuoar/ intrammammory involement? sorry for my ignorance…xx

sorry about my spellings btw…lol

no problem
vascular is it had started to enter the vessels in my breast so tried going into my blood
intramammory node is in the centre of your chest just above the rib cage
yeah its very sneaky hey tried hard to get round my body but was lucky enough to catch it in time
what treatment have you started kb??/

Hiya Alison, thanks for explaining that…yes it is sneaky and its a horrible disease but we will beat the f???er…lol…

I started FEC on the 28th Ma,.not had many SE as yet but the hair is starting to fall out… but thats about it… I am having 3 FEC then im having 3 Tax…followed by rads then Herceptin…cant have tamoxifen because it am ER-.wish i could tbh…xxx

awww bless ya glad your side effects are min x
i had fec 100 and tax then rads
tamoxifen for 1yr
reconstruction in jan where they found the intramammory node cancer
took that away - full body scan again to check for spread - all clear thank god
i had my overies taken out april and now on arimadex for 5 yrs phewwwww a fair bit going on there lol

Blooming heck… you’ve certainly been through the mill, Alison…you seem a really strong lady.i had a CT scan a month ago but didnt want to know results…im too scared in case they tell me it’s bad news…i know im crazy but im burying my head in the sand…i’ll just go along with the treatment plan xxx

mine was a 5cm, big, chossing tumor,it was a long one rather than a round one so wasnt the easiest to find…it was also grade 3, er negative, her2 positive and blooming extensive node involvement…not sure it can get any worse tbh…lol…just got to keep smiling i guess…all i know is that they got the effing thing out and im happy with that along with the nodes…x

i too hate the scans hun - when i was first diagnosed they found a nodual on my lung and thought it had spred i had me 3 fec and was scanned again to see if it had changed in size - it hadnt
had my 3 tax then scanned again still the same so there not worried about it as they said it would have shrunk or grown if it was cancer that was a scary 5 months let me tell you
had another scan on my lungs again in jan all same
then after this node found in my chest another scan was ordered
there very scary arnt they but its best to have these scans and get things sorted than not be scanned and things progress to far that its to late yeah xxxx

Oh dear, Alison…you have really, really had the lot…i am so sorry…here is me moaningbut you really have been through the mill…im so, so glad you are ok…having one scan after another must have been so awful for you and having to wait for results, is just scarey.
tbh i think if anything showed up on my scan im sure they’d have had to tell me by now…you see… i refused to have a scan at first because i had no aches or pains, so my BCN suggested that i had the scan but just not know the results. im convinced she said this just so id have the scan. so reluctantly i had the scan.It was the onc that insisted i had to have it, since my surgeon was happy he’d got all the cancer out when i had a WLE and was extremely pleased my blood results were n0rmal. They told me that the CT scan was routine just because i had nodes involved…it dosent mean its spread…plus if there was any spread it would most certainly show up in the bloods…xx

i agree hun - if the nodes are involved they scan
there are ladies alot worse than me hun i am the lucky one :slight_smile:
well i wish you all the best hun in your treatment
pick ya pink boxing gloves on cos i am in your corner
chin up you can do this
you know where i am if you need a chat xxxxx

Cheers Alison…its been fab chattig to you…keep in touch…xxxx

now im going to watch England V Sweden…lol…hope we win…it will make a change…lol

me to hun AND we need to win lol

yes we do…lol…i hope we dont F up…we normally do ha ha…x