extra help

is there anyone on here who has managed to get dla or anyother help when having b c for the 1st time?

im a single mum on income support
have been through al the treatment and now on tamoxifen.
ive been turned down for dla and i wrote a letter and was turned down again

i was planning on returning to work once my son was at school last sept but obviously that didnt happen
we really struggle and wondered if there was any point persuing this
and is there a time limit to when you can apply again

I cant help with the dla as i thought us primarys werent entitled to it.

However, just wondered if you have a life insurance policy with critical illness cover? A lot of people dont realise that this WILL pay out.

good luck x

hi there
no no life cover im afraid

thats another thing,i suppose now it would cost a fortune to take out policy. something i thought i should have for my son.

Hey Lincs Lady

have you spoken with a McMillan Benefits Advisor to see if you’re enitled to any other benefits?

I get the basic care element of DLA, but only because of my lymphoedema. I can’t lift heavy pots, chop veggies or take things out of the oven, so in their eyes am unable to make a meal for one.

I didn’t apply for dla initially as I didn’t feel I was unwell enough, however, after developing lymphoedema in my right hand & arm I was encouraged to apply.

Do you have problems caring for yourself (showering, dressing etc)? Or problems after surgery with making a meal? If you do then it’s definately worth appealing their decision.

Good Luck


It is definitely worthwhile talking to someone from Macmillan. We had just started a business before my diagnosis and were not making any money from it. I couldn’t get incapacity benefit of DLA, so we were living frugally on some savings we had. Quite by chance I answered a Macmillan campaign on their website about patients being turned down for benefits and someone rang me. We found out through Macmillan that my OH was entitled to £96 a week Working Tax Credit and they sent us all the forms. We got turned down first time, but Macmillan said to go through the forms and try again, they pointed out what we needed to change. We got it on the second attempt and it meant that we could also get free prescriptions. However, because the DWP did not inform us we could get WTC we missed out on 8 months money, nearly 3.5k. At the time it was winter and the gas bills were huge as I was so cold all of the time.

We were really very grateful to Macmillan as they were so informative and helpful.

Does working tax credit get you free prescriptions ?


Anyone who has been DX with cancer gets free prescription, your GP needs to fill a form for you. I think this came into force last April


Hi, I was getting free prescriptions on working tax credit and now have the exempt card for cancer patients, my doctor filled it in with me and it came through withinn a week.
Talking of tax credits, they told me they would carry on paying my tc for 26 weeks along side my 26 weeks of s/s pay. I am unable to work for the duration of my treattment as i work in a care home for dementia and the infection risk is too high. My employer who is brilliant has told me after 26 weeks i have to claim through the job centre. I think this is going to be a long drawn out stress filled time, something we girls could do without. I suppose I will have to prove I am unfit to work, prove ive got breast cancer etc…
Think the light at the end of the tunnel is going to get slightly blurred.!

Hey Sally

don’t worry yourself too much about having to prove you’re ill etc! From experience you are considered unfit for work so long as you are having active treatment & they don’t hassle you for any proof. They’ll contact your medical team if they want any more details.

I would definately advise you to speak to a McMillan Benefits advisor if you haven’t already tho…just for a heads up on what you’ll be entitled to after your SSP runs out.

I’ve had a couple of forms to fill in since my ESA started, but nothing difficult. And they’ve sent me 2 apts thru to attend a Pathways to work interview. Both times I’ve called & said I’m still undergoing treatment and they’ve sorted it out for me.



Is that not just in England?


Yeh Divvy1

I think it’s both England & Wales.

Us poor Scots still need to pay for our prescriptions!


Think l read somewhere it applies to Scotland in 2011! i suppose better late than never, this crazy UNITED Kingdom!
Sandra x


True, something all we Scots ladies might ask all the candidates who’re trying so hard to get our votes about in the next few days. Still if the working tax credit makes us eligible, I better shift my bot & get the form completed - had it before but back in those days I WAS HEALTHY ! Also I’m getting so bored with form filling …

Sandra thanks for the PM, not the least upset & will reply later, right now got to hang out the washing.
A woman’s work is never done lol.


We were automatically sent out 2 exemption cards about 6 weeks after getting WTC approved. You just show them at the pharmacy when you go for your prescription. They look like those E111 cards you get for going to Europe on holiday.

Thanks cherub I will definitely get that form done & look out for these.