Has anyone heard of this?
I have just finished my first cycle of Vinoralbine. After my first infusion 11 days ago I developed soreness around the injection site. It gradually got worse and became very itchy, sore and seems to have blistered. It looks like a burn. I rang the chemo suite who said to put something cold on it and when I went back for the second infusion on Wednesday, they didn’t seem concerned and said if it didn’t heal to get some steroid cream from my GP. By now it looks infected so I got some antibiotics from the nurse practitioner.
I decided to do some internet searching tonight and have managed to scare myself silly. It seems its "Extravasation2 which is a dangerous side effect of chemo when the chimical escapes into the tissue surrounding the injection site. It should be dealt with immediately and can lead to ulceration, necrosis and in extreme cases need plastic surgery!
What should I do? I don’t want to over react but even so…

Hi Kelley

I had extravasation from my taxotere 4 weeks ago. It wasn’t discovered when the chemo was administered and my fingers went numb a couple of days after chemo. I made an appointment to go back to the Onc as my whole hand swelled up and was covered in small blisters. the skin then peeled off. My hand now looks mostly normal but is still 50-60% numb and I am having physiotherapy to try to restore it, I was told this could take 6 months and by others that I may not get the feeling back.

I would get a referral from your Onc to the plastic surgeon to assess it if you are unhappy. The risk is dependent on the drug, things like epirubicin are highly abrasive, fortunately for me taxotere apparently is less so.

Hope it heals OK for you


Nothing was noticed at my chemo either. I’m just surprised that they weren’t concerned when i showed them last Wednesday. It’s strange that they give so little warning about this. I guess I’ll give it a few days and if it is not improving try to get someone to look at it.
Thanks for replying.

Hi Kelley. Thinking of future cycles I wondered if it would be possible to switch to the capsules instead?
I thought it was a chemo available in capsule form as well as intravenous and had a quick look here, cancerbackup.org.uk/Treatments/Chemotherapy/Individualdrugs/Vinorelbine it also mentions leakage from around the injection site too.
Good Luck with your chemo…x


I had a bad case of extravasation after my second FEC. It affected the whole of the top of forearm and was extremly painful. I had it dressed and some sort of cream applied by the dermatology department and once it had healed (it can get worse before it gets better) I was told to apply a moisturiser - called doublebase and to cover with silicon sheets at night which helps to soften the skin and promote healing. Six months on my chemo burn is still noticeable and am due to see both dermatologist and plastic surgeon again in November to see what else can be done to improve the appearance of my arm.

Hope yours improves.