Extremely confused - Self Isolate for 12 weeks or not??

Hi All

i haven’t been on here for a while, but feel I need some help from you lovely people on here. 

I am now back at work (working from home) which is going well. Any way I was sat at my work station at home and a letter came through the post. I opened the letter and the letter said I should not be self isolating as I don’t fall into the categories, and I should not have registered on the government website. The letter was from my GP practice. 

About 2 months ago I was told to self isolate by my GP for 12 weeks, as she said I have been very poorly for the last 6 months. I’ve told my work who have said that fine, they get it and I don’t need written evidence of it as I have been off work with breast cancer. 

i phoned my GP surgery and told them I was doing as my GP told me to. So now I have got a telephone consultation on Monday to discuss it. I can’t tell you how upset I am about receiving this letter. My anxiety has hit the roof. Am I now going to be told I can now go out when ever I want and I’m not at risk. I’m a single parent too so how was I to get my food shop?? 

please can someone help me put my mind at ease and tell me I should be self isolating as my GP said.

I am sorry to rant on but I am so upset x

Hi Sunflower

What a horrid situation for you. Personally, I would stick to my guns and remain shielded. There has been a lot of confusion about shielding, with some people, myself included, not even understanding why they are instructed to stay at home (I finished chemo just over a year ago; I did experience neutropoenic sepsis of unknown origin and an episode of not being able to breathe, unsurprising as I had rib damage from a car accident - but I’m fine now!). Other people such as my diabetic friend are definitely vulnerable and yet are excluded. Then included. Then excluded again. It’s a mess.

It’s also very bureaucratic and I would imagine your letter is a result of some bureaucratic decision that doesn’t take into consideration your personal circumstances. That should be sorted when you have you consultation. Make your case firmly. Base it solely on your health (single-parenting won’t strengthen your case even if it’s part of your need) and meantime, try not to panic.

There’s always your local council which will be able to offer support to anyone who needs it so, whether you’re on the list or not, you should still get support with shopping etc. I also can’t imagine that you would be removed from the privilege of a supermarket shopping slot - it took them long enough to add us to the list. They’ll never get round to removing us!!

I also don’t think you can get onto the government register, even if you do complete all the details, unless it’s confirmed by the NHS. I may be wrong but I remember there being something right at the end that said Yes you do or No you don’t…qualify blah blah blah. That might be worth checking.

Chin up and best of luck x