Eye Infection

Just wondering if anyone else on chemo has had an eye infection?

I’m on Docetaxol/Taxotere and was prescribed eye drops for my streaming eyes. Beginning of this week my eyes started to first itch and then be painful, on Wednesday my left eye was extremely painful, was bruised underneath and I could feel a swelling just under my bottom eyelashes. I am assuming it’s an allergic reaction to something and wonder if it’s the eye drops, or maybe the fibres in my wig as the fringe does sometimes blow into my eye.

Any thoughts anyone?

Thanks, Libby

Hello Libby

I had a similar problem when I was on Tax. The swelling under my lower eyelid was a stye and then I got a burst blood vessel in the same eye! Not an attractive look! Prescription eye cream sorted the stye and eyedrops sorted the red eye. I still have watery eyes 3 weeks after final Tax. I blame it all on chemo.

Thanks for reply, supertrouper.

As you say … not an attractive look! So, I’m bald, have sparse eyebrows/lashes, an eye which looks like it’s been thumped and due to sore feet I hobble, flipping heck - how cruel is Tax? I feel I’ve aged about 20yrs in less than three months. Oh, and forgot my swollen ankles and the stone in weight I’ve put on.

Supertrouper, I so hope now your chemo is over that you very soon get ‘you’ back. Cos you’ve had all these S/E longer than me and deserve to feel glam again, and sooner rather than later.

I’ve an appointment on Monday with my Onc so I’ll mention my eye then, mind it’s so blooming obvious she’s see it herself.

Thank again, and hope you’re feeling OK about Tues, or as OK as possible considering what you are facing, be nice when it’s behind you. Be thinking of you.