Eye Sight??

Has anyone who is on tamoxifen found their eye sight deteriorating?

I am having probs just now and as my eyesight was fine before this i dont know if its related to tamoxifen or just my age 46.


Started taking tamoxifen and gave up after 12 days which I know is not very long.
Various side effects none severe - period pains, slight bleeding, dry mouth, headaches and towards the end blurring of vision. I am 53 so yes could be my age but began to feel like an old lady in a fog and the vision bit was the final straw. Statistically tamoxifen increases my chances of not getting cancer again by 2.4% so I have a choice which I know is a luxery that many don’t have. If I had had to continue with it and the blurring of vision I would have gone toi the GP for advice


Hi There,
Yes I have a haze over my eyes most of the time and I really notice it if I read or look at the pc. I,ve been taking tamox for 3 months and mentioned this to my Onc last week, She said it was a side effect that she had not heard of and would most likely be the post chemo and rads effects on the body. She is very well respected so have to take her word for it. Its annoying though. Some ladies on here have been unable to eat much while on Tamox ( I wish I could get that side effect)
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Andrea xx


I haven’t had Tamoxifen but my eye sights has got worse from the chemo. Had eye sight test last April and going for another one soon as feel it has deteriorated quite a lot. Optician said that it won’t get anybetter.

Liz xx

Hi Ruth

I have been on tamoxifen nearly 2 years and have just been dignosed with a cataract at the tender age of 45!! Apparently it is almost unheard of at my age unless you are on drugs including tamoxifen . . . . .

I may have to come off them after I have seen opthalmologist. Onc said I will probabaly switch to exemestane instead.


Alise x

hi liverbird

I am on tamoxifen have had a dry mouth since i started taking them have been on them a month now i have to wear glasses any way but have noticed that i now have to wear both of my pairs where as i could just get away with the one pair now have to have the other ones at hand for reading so it might be the tablets.

i was reading up on them and it did say something on the information i got giving by the breast nurse about eye sight.

Anyway had op done on the 1st got to now wait until the 21st to decide if i require chemo and rads or just rads. just find it a pain in the neck not to be able to do things in the house got loads of decorating to do but hubby has put his foot down not even aloud to do the washing.

will speak to you soon.

lots of love

liz xxxxxxxxx

not on tamoxifan but just finished chemo and eye sight is dreadful- can’t read close up