eyebrow tattooist - sussex?

ladies, I have a friend who wants to have eyebrow tattoos done and lives in Hastings - she wants to use someone who is recommended - anyone know if a tattooist who is really good and could be recommended please ?


Vezza xxxx

Hi Vezza,
Had mine done at www.prettypermanentmakeup.co.uk, They made me feel soooo much better about the lack of hair on my face/head, and as I have my 'brows, I feel so much more confident to go out without loads of make up on. Mary Anne will make them look really natural, and she takes her time to make sure you are comfortable with the proceedure. Will PM you, as anyone that mentions my name on booking gets me 10% off my top-up treatment (which needs doing roughly every 12 months - remember this is semi-permanent makeup)
Barb x

Forgot to say, she is based near East Grinstead