Eyebrows & Lashes

Hi Ladies,

Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this,my chemo finished at the end of June & hair is growing back,but this past week I’ve noticed that my bottom eyelashes are thinner & different lengths,don’t know if some have snapped off or fallen out & are trying to grow again.Same with eyebrows,the thick bit of the brow has developed gaps and is looking sparse.
I know we get abit obsessed with hair related matters (is it any wonder!) but has anyone else had any problems?

Love Little H x

I still have NO eyebrows at all 2and a half years post taxotere-sorry!

It’s 2 1/2 years since I finished Taxotere and I have quite poor eyelashes. I never had long lashes before but now they are even stumpier. I have to put a lot of coats of mascara on to make them look as if they are there to be honest as they are so short. I never lost my eyebrows entirely as the thick part never came out so they were easy to pencil in. I was on Herceptin for a year and that slows hair growth.

Thanks for the replies Ladies, I should have said that they did grow back,even better than the original,longer darker lashes and fuller eyebrows,but now they are thinning & seem to be going again,not just normal loss.

Little H xx

Hi Little H! nice to see post from you! - we met at the Slug &n Lettuce in Aug…
My eyebrows are getting sparse again too - I look most odd if I dont pencil them in. I didn’t know that herceptin affected hair growth - my head hair is good and strong, but I don’t have any arm pit hair still. Small blessings!! xx

hello there again!
I to am disappointed in my brows and lashes. they have returned, but not fully, lashes are short and sparse, and brows sparse and lighter, so i still feel as tho i have none! thinking about getting them tinted to see if that makes a difference! must admit, losing hair, yes got used to it, but really hated not having the brows and lashes, could never get used to it

Hi Ladies,

Lovely to hear from you both.Hope we can all meet up again in the New Year.Have to get wonder1 to organise another get-together.
Brows,lashes,hair etc. still sorting itself out.You’d have thought I’d have learnt to be abit more patient after this year!

I hope you had a fantastic time in the States Debs,I know it’s months ago now,you’re probably ready for another hol.

Have a great Christmas & lots of good wishes for a better New Year for everyone.

Lots of love,

Helen xx

Hi Helen. hair will sort itself out, and you will get there in the end! States went great, yes, seems ages ago now, and cant wait till next time! thats a long way off tho! no hols next year, need to do work on house. looking forward to next meet up.
have a good christmas to and see you soon
deb x

hi, i was wondering if anyone has any experience of using false eyelashes? i have bought some as i am going to a party tomorrow night and wondered if anyone had any tips?

Hi Anna,

I went to a party on friday and my lashes are now shortish so i bought some false eyelashes but for the life of me, i cannot get them on. Saw some beauty bloke on this morning make it look easy but all i do is get glue stuck everywhere except on the lashes. You might have more dexterity than me but if you are ‘cack handed’ i would go to a beauty parlour. Bit late though if your party is today.

Used a few coats of mascara in the end and they looked ok.


hi Linda, i am very cack handed so i know how this is going to end lol, just hope i dont glue my eyes shut, it says they last for 4 weeks so i could miss christmas altogether.
Off to do it now, fingers crossed.

ok well, at least i tried, got so far and then they came off. I think my stumpy eyelashes are just not long enough, lotsa eyeliner it is.