EYELASHES by janey 23


rancidtart says on 06 Jun 2010 15:49

Hi Janey23

I lost my hair but kept eyelashes and eyebrows during FEC. However lost the eye hair during Tax.

Julia xx

Hi Janey
I had 4x FEC and 4x Taxotere and my eyelashes got thinner and more stubby after treatment 6, but never fell out entirely. It may depend on how many you started with. I was able to wear mascara throughout. I’m 11 weeks post chemo, and eyelashes are now thickening up nicely, not quite back to normal, but getting there.
Take care
flora xxx

My eyelashes went very patchy by no5. A good eyeliner on the top lid was a lifesaver to keep me looking awake. Learnt how to use an eyebrow pencil too at the age of 49!

Very sparse lashes&brows after 3 sessions 2fec&1tax/c! Hope it will come back!

Hi, I haven’t lost my hair but have very thin scrappy eyelashes. I’ve started using false ones at the weekends if I go out, but otherwise just put a bit of mascara on and hope for the best. I also use eyeliner on the top lid and it disguises the scrappiness. I’ve also noticed that the mascara doesn’t seem to go on very well now. I’m on weekly sessions of tax (12 down, six to go) and was told at the beginning that I probably wouldn’t lose my hair because it’s weekly instead of monthly.

Good luck with everything and hope everyone is well today. Lotsa love, Dianne x x


my eyelashes went thinner so that I couldn’t get a build up of mascara, I used a kohl pencil to give my eyes definition,eyebrows went patchy and very faded, I used eyebrow pencil

But they grew back real quickly, last chemo end of feb, and they where back by middle april

good luck
ann x

Hi janey. I am on cycle seven of chemo and almost entirely lost eyebrows initially (drew them in with apencil) but eyelashes hung on tho they got very short and sparse. i found it best to leave the mascara off as it accentuated their sparsity and instead used eye pencil to define eyes but as I’m naturally fair I switched it to a softer grey one as the usual nearly black was just too stark and scarey. The second phase of my chemo causes hair thinning rather than total loss so they are coming back in gradually now. I do hope you retain yours for as long as poss and best of luck with it all. I found that by the time mine grew sparse it was almost time for them to begin coming back again, so it wasnt the worst thing in the process. take care, love Carol x

my eye brows/eye lashes are back now. I finished fec in feb this year.

Ive been putting Vaseline on my eye lashes every night since they’ve started coming back- and they are getting better now. Thought id pass the tip on.

I had 3 FEC, 3 TAX and finished 5th May, I didnt lose my eyebrows or eyelashes completely, just went a bit thinner so not everyone does.
Just getting obsessed about regrowth of hair on my head now…
Love Janey x

having my 4th FEC chemo next week, eyelashes and eyebrows got thinner after last dose, but still there, think its different for everyone. I am also learning to use an eye pencil.


If you’ve got them at this stage, you may well be lucky and keep them. Mine never fell out altogether, but seemed to bread off and leave me with stubble.
A friend introduced me to a white mascara, that you put on before your normal mascara and it helps to build them up. My eyelashes went very fair, so I learnt how to use an eyebrow pencil.
You can learn lots of tricks if you book onto one of the ‘look good, feel better sessions’ at your oncology centre.

I have had 3 cycles of FEC and still have a good covering of eye brows and lashes, just not got much hair anywhere else, none on my head, under arms, lady bits, and used to have to shave legs everyday but now once a week, EXCELLENT! ha ha.
So i’m hopeing to keep the eyebrows, or i will have to learn how to pencil them in as well,

Take care
Sandrae x

hi i didnt lose my eyebrows till the 4th chemo and have had hardly any eyelashes from the beginning ,anyway now have had my 2nd CMF and have noticed a small amount of hair (like white and black coming in )so ill keep youse posted as i think im further on than youse ,but side effects from CMF have been minor just little cuts in your gums ,but tiredness has gone for now ,dont know if its to do with having 2 weeks off work ,but return on tuesday will see ,and if it returns going to stay off till treatment finishes take care x

Had two fec and two tax-c now and have no eyebrows or lashes left!

have had 3 cycles of fec. Still got pretty much full eyebrows though the places i usually pluck them havent grown back since i last plucked them before fec1. Eyebrows hanging on, some gaps appearing but you wouldn’t tell looking at them. Pubic hair all but gone, look like a barbie doll in that region, although sadly not elsewhere. Leg hair only just slowing down in growth this week. Underarms not grown back since shaved before first fec. Head hair half bald but the half thats still there has grown a bit since i shaved it day 19 after first fec.

First tax on thusrady,am figuring it will be bye bye to the lot, but hope not!

Hi, I have just finished my 6th and last cycle of FEC. I kept my eye lashes and eye brows. My brows are thinner but still fine, so you may well be lucky and keep them too.

I did lose all the hair on my head, my armpits, and most of my bikini line, as well as the hair in my nose which is annoying as it keeps running now!! I kept the hair on my legs though, which I don’t feel so lucky about!!!.

Suppose we are all different,

Best wishes with the treatment.

PS Maggies run a fantastic session called ‘look good, feel better’ It’s a make up tips class and they can teach you how to draw your eyebrows back in if they do fall out and the best bit - you get to keep all the make up x.

Hi ladies,

I was so happy to have kept some eyelashes and eyebrows thoughout 6 sessions of chemo, despite losing all other body hair and most of the hair on my head. But now 4 weeks on, I have no eyelashes at all :frowning: I still have enough eyebrows to fill in the gaps with eyebrow pencil though.

It never ceases to amaze me how we all have such different experiences.