Eyelashes falling out again

Hi ladies
I finished chemo in August 2015 . My hair and eyelashes grew back really quickly … My eyelashes were really thick and long I was delighted with them was feeling normal again … But the last few weeks they are falling out again … I’m devasted I only have a few left but I can see stumps were they are growing again …
Has this happened to anyone else … Is it normal ? ??? xxxxxx

Hi Syers38, 

I am sorry you are going through this difficult time. I am sure some of our users will be along to offer their reassurance and support soon. 

I have moved your post to our busyChemotherapyboard so more of our users can see it and respond.

If you would ever like to talk you can always call our support line at 0808 800 6000 who will be able to talk to you about hair loss and offer a friendly ear.

Best wishes, 


Digital Community Assistant 

Hi- it happened to me too. I finished chemo last May. Since then my eyelashes have fallen out twice. They seem to be on a cycle given they grew back in at the same time. Good news is, each time they fall out it is less noticeable as there are more shorter eyelashes left each time. I think over time they’ll revert to normal! x