Eyesight and Tamoxifen

Finished chemo,rads…started Tamoxifen June and have just had a long overdue eye test. I was told by my optician that Tamoxifen can affect the Retina and also cause poorer eyesight, which is happening in my case. They have told me that they will monitor this every 6 months. (by taking a picture of my eye) and I may need to change tablets.
Has anyone else experienced problems with their eyes on Tamoxifen?
Any comments greatly appreciated.

Hi Lynn

I was on Tamoxifen for 2.5 years. I found that my eyesight deteriorated during that time, especially for reading. I had glasses (for reading) but find that I now need to use them all the time for reading, where as before if I forgot them for work I could manage okay, but not now. The only thing I can say is that at my last eye test there was no further deterioration and my prescription was just the same.
I have now changed to Exemestane and I think I have read somewhere that they can also affect eyesight. I should be due an eye test later on this year so that should tell if there is any further deterioration. Hope this helps.

Love & take care
Thistle xx

HI Lynn
yes I have been on tamox since March this year and my eyes have definately deteriorated, I have to use my reading glasses all the time now. This damn disease is awful, we have to put up with so much.
Take Care
Libby xxx