Eyesight & Tamoxifen

Eyesight & Tamoxifen

Eyesight & Tamoxifen Hello Ladies

I haven’t posted for some time - I hope you are all doing well.

I wanted to share with you the comment I got from my optician yesterday. I finished my treatment in November 2005. Over that time I have noticed a deterioration in my eyesight. Knowing it was coming up for a year after treatment I made an appointment to see her. I had always thought it was the chemo etc that had affected my eyes. However, the optician told me yesterday that it’s the tamoxifen that is sore on your eyes. I went on to tell her I juice every morning using a base of carrots and did she think this would help my eyesight. She said most definite and that it is not an old wife’s tale that carrots make you see in the dark. The betocarotene in them is excellent for the general health of your eyes. I have been juicing with carrots for reasons given to me by Bristol Cancer Care relating to my cancer. However, I was most interested to hear what my optician had to say. So to all the ladies who juice, keep juicing. I know its a faff and takes time but I am great believer in it. My optician’s view was very reassuring.

To those that know of my medical negligence case. I’m still fighting and I am awaiting news from the Ombudsman with regards to her decision. Will let you know when I have some further news.

Best wishes to all.


eyesight Hi Jeannie, My eyesight deteriorated through chemo, tamoxifen and now Arimidex. My optician thought it was as much to do with my age, I’m 50 now, as anything else.He did say that carrots helped though as do dark coloured berries and other fruits, quoting some research done in Sweden. So when we eat such foods to hopefully stop our cancer coming back we are helping our eyesight as well. Can’t say I’ve seen much improvement so far but who knows how blind I might have been if I hadn’t been eating the blueberries! Glad to hear you are doing fine and look forward to news of your case. x

Glasses Hi all,

I’ve not posted on here for ages, but am really interested to read this thread. I have always had good eyesight, but had an eye test last week and have found out I now need glasses for reading and vdu work.

I asked if my treatment could have caused the deterioration in my eysight, and my optician said it could but it was probably as much to do with my age (I’m 34). She did however ask me how long I had been taking Tamoxifen (6 months).

I may have to invest in a juicer…

Jo xx

To jopurple Hi Jo

Thanks for your response. Far be it for me to question the optician but I’m quite sure your treatment has paid a big part in you needing reading glasses - you are only 34. Interestingly, you have had exactly the same treatment as myself. I also went into the same trial but was not picked. I did, however, get a year’s supply of adcal tablets. I have now finished them and taking my own calcium magnesium citrate tablets. I decided to come off dairy hence taking the tablets to keep up my calcium levels. Are you on tamoxifen for 5 years or have you been told you should have 2 1/2 years on tamoxifen and 2 1/2 years on arimidex (or the equivalent at the time)? I was told this at the beginning but at my last appointment I was told they had new evidence to suggest I stay on tamoxifen for 5 years. They said it was because I was pre menopausal when I was diagnosed and for that reason it’s best to stay on tamoxifen. However, it’s good to check with others.

Going back to your eyes… be good to them and eat your carrots!



For Jeannie Hi Jeannie,

I agree with you about the optician. I’m also sure it is my treatment that has made my eyesight worse. Hey ho, it won’t change the fact I need specs - whatever the reason.

I am on Tamoxifen for 5 years, they have never mentioned anything else but I may question them about this at some point cos I’m not sure Tamoxifen is agreeing with me too well. I have a few problems (minor) with it, other than the fact it is making me go blind!!

Take care