Face rash and flushing

Its all happening this time on taxotere and now we are worried about a rash that has appeared on Claires face. Its not itchy but is causing flushing and its blotchy/red.

We are worried its an allergic reaction to the chemo? or is it simply another SE?

it seems claire is getting all the less common SE and they are all worrying!!!

any advice/medicines to relieve it?


I got a rash/flushing on my face and chest for about two days after each cycle of Taxotere. It used to be the first side effect I would experience after each infusion and started about 3 or 4 days later, I didn’t put anything on it, it just went of its own accord. My Onc wasn’t concerned about it. Hope Claire’s disappears too. Tax is no picnic is it but it shrunk my tumour by 50% prior to mx so it was worth it.

Best wishes

thanks Linda, thats a massive reassurance and it appears you went through something similar to claire in that Taxotere was used to reduce the tumour before MX

Hope all is well


I too got this on fec and tax but worse on tax. I had it on one cheek more than the other. It was hot red and blotcy, Nobody was too concerned and it still comes and goes 2 months on. I did go to the gp and got some AB cream tho unsure if it helped.


I believe it’s known as the chemo blush! It’s quite a common side effect.

Yep! I had this too on Tax,only lasted a day or two each time.

Little H x

Hi Andy (and Clare)

I had this when on chemo and was told by my onc that it was a normal s/e / reaction to the steroids. They were very careful with me and kept checking with up with me because I was allergic to the chemo so I feel pretty confident it must be fairly usual as they werent at all worried.

Take care

KAtie x

It’s extremely common-hope you’ve been reassured that it’s not a problem.

thank you everyone, you are all so reassuring