facial hair!!!

I finished chemo mid may and then had 3 weeks rads…hair is coming back thick and fast thankfully BUT i have also gained some very unwanted facial hair!! I’ve googled and it seems to be normal, but does it just go on its own or do i have to get rid of it???

oh no, i hadnt heard of that after chemo, though slight recollection that can happen after tamoxifen? I am due last chemo tmrw so not in this situation yet, but hope someone else comes on to reassure you soon


Hi Jem - yes I developed a nice covering of fine, almost white hair all over my face after chemo and when all my other hair started to grow back. Thankfully I had read some posts on here and was reassured that it was normal and would eventually go of its own accord. Finished my chemo March and did not notice it until about May and it has now all gone now. hink some of the ladies did take a razor to it but I did not feel it was that much of a problem (epecialy if I didn’t look in the mirror!) Good luck. Marli x

oh no, if thishappens to me then i could look like father christmas in december as is my last chemo tomorrow! Still, suppose it could be a good part time job…

Hi everyone,

This happened to me too and I had fine white down. I waxed it as we were going to a wedding and now it doesn’t seem to be coming back as bad. I have been told that it does go away on its own. Lets hope! xx

oh my, I so remember when I noticed that lovely white downy hair! I nearly cried, had so been looking forward to getting hair back but NOT facial hair lol.
I used veet, just a little, and it hasn’t come back since!:slight_smile:

yep - me too! I am not sure if it is due to chemo (finished April)or tamoxifen but it is there for sure! A highly unattractive down - marvellous! I also find it does not trouble me too much, and keep away from mirrors.

I had the same…the epi had finished, and my hair started to come back on the cmf…which was brill. However, what was with the fluffy stuff coming back on my face…hellooooo thats not supposed to be there. Grabbed hubbys razor (was good and changed his blade lol) and shaved the whole lot off…was seriously weird, but reminded me of my sister and I trying to copy my dad while he had a shave…so was giggling lots while I was doing it. Once i’d done it, it didnt come back which was a bonus, just think the old hair follicles had got a smidge confused and went into overdrive.

Thank you for all of the replies - i’m not on tam so it must be down to the chemo. I finished chemo in may and only noticed the hair a few weeks ago!! I will reach for the veet as it’s getting on my nerves now, it definitely won’t come back thicker will it?!!!