Facial hair

Hi all,
Help, I have had 8 chemo which has stopped my periods, I have had lumpectomy and soon to have lymph nodes out then rads and tamoxifen, my hair fell out with chemo one EC and eyelashes on chemo 6 Tax, hair has started to come back and eyelashes but I have now got hair well stubble growing on my cheek bones, poss hormonal, friend said I could wax, has any one experienced this, any ideas if this will be permanent?

Hi Dawn,

I have had FEC and lately, Tax chemo. I am currently on Herceptin, no hormone treatment though but still have started with unsightly facial hair that needs plucking every morning. I couldn’t stand the pain of waxing!.

Hi Dawn
I seem to have down all over my face and I was hoping that it just disappears after a few weeks but it seems to be here to stay. It looks lovely in the sunlight though!