family breast cancer

Is there anyone else out there who is part of a non- BRCA breast cancer family? I lost my mum and my gran but thought my aunt had survived which had helped with my own recovery after diagnosis and genetic testing in 2008. Then in 2009 her cancer came back after 20 years (I already knew it sometimes did) and she died. This has hit me really hard and I’m back to feeling it’s just going to get me and I’m struggling to just live well again. How have other people managed?

hi I lost my mother to breast cancer after she had survived 17years and now I find myself with it and I have that same shitty feeling of what time do I have. I’m trying to put that to one side and focus on today as yesterday has passed and tomorrow is in the distance. I guess we will never be rid of the fear, my dad asked me what I feared and for me personally it was being there for my daughter if she ever was diagnosed.
I try to embrace the funny side to life and films recent that make you laugh “Nativity”, “It’s complicated” and although sad first few mins “Up”. I promise you’ll enjoy.

all the bestx

My sister died of BC. She was diagnosed in her early forties, had mastectomy and rads and was well for a few years before developing secondaries in her spine which were treated with rads. She again had a few years of good health until ten years after initial diagnosis she developed secondaries in her uterus. She had surgery and two rounds of chemo but the cancer spread to her brain. She died aged 53. I was diagnosed in Oct. 2007 (aged 59) and had lumpectomy and rads and am now on Tamoxifen.

Given this history I asked for genetic testing and had a chat with a geneticist at The Royal Marsden. I had to fill in forms giving details of family history, causes of death, age at death etc. As it has only seemed to affect the two of us I was told it was highly unlikely there was a genetic link. He did however recommend my two daughters and my niece (child of my late sister) have mammograms from age 40.

Whilst I’m aware that the bl**dy thing can come back and bite me again (as it did to my sister) and I’m paranoid about every ache and pain, I do try to enjoy the good moments. I go for my check-up and mammogram results on Thursday and hopefully I can stop holding my breath for a while again!

Best wishes,