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If my mother had double breast cancer and had 2 daughters aged 23 and 26 would we automatically be sent for screening etc??


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My mum had breast cancer twice and ovarian cancer yet me and my sister still werent referred for genetic counselling although I had enquiried about it with her breast surgeon at the time of her second diagnosis. It was instead recommended that we started mammograms earlier - from the age of 40. It wasnt until I was diagnosed at 26 that I went for Counselling.

If you are concerned either speak to your GP about referring you or your mum’s Breast Cancer Nurse and see what she recommends. Either way I would definitely recommend that you make enquiries, its never too early.

No you wouldn’t. How old was your mother when she was diagnosed? Do you have any other close relatives with breast cancer? If your mother was very young when she was diagnosed, they may consider it.

I lost my mum to breast cancer, 2 of my aunts have had it, and I was diagnosed myself at the age of 42. I underwent testing for the brca1& 2 genes, and was entered into a trial for brca3, all have come back negative. My sister is now having annual mammograms and ultrasound scans, she was 38 when they started.

We really do seem to be bad in this country. My mum died of ovarian cancer at 54 and I have been dx with bc at 48. My sister in Australia has been having annual screening for ovarian cancer and as soon as she told her GP of my condition she was immediately referred to a study at Canberra Uni to help her and my niece work out their predisposition.

My assistant at work who is Australian and 27 had her mum rediagnosed for the second time after 15 years in April (poor girl - mum and boss both dx with bc within 2 weeks). When she went to her GP he told her it wasn’t a problem and there was no screening. She is going back to Oz for a holiday next week and is all set up to have her testing/screening while she is there - no problem.

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My mum had bc at 39 and is still going strong at 64.
When I had my second child at 29, the nurse who did my post natal check did a brief family history and advised me that because my mum was under 40 when dx i should be screened from 29, ten years younger then what my mum was at dx.
I was referred to my local hospital breast clinic for a mamogram. My family history was sent on to a genetics department who assesed me medium risk and advised mamograms every 2 years then when 35 every year.
I found my lump in April and saw a consultant within 5 days due to history and was dx that day, I am 35.
All my previous mamograms were viewed so they could see it was definately not there at my last check. I think it can just depends on where you live as to what is available.
I hope this info helps

Thanks to everbody that replied to my post all of your information has been very useful!!
I think i may start with going to visit my doctor with my mom!!??

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