Family history, risk factors


My mum was diagnosed with with a DCIS 5 years ago and my paternal grandmother also had BC.

I mentioned this to my GP and she looked something up and said that my risk factor was not increased.

I was diagnosed with a HG DCIS and had a mastectomy in April.

Are my sister’s daughters at a higher risk now?

I don’t have any children.

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It would depend a lot on the age of both your mother and grandmother when they developed BC. It seems that if younger than 50, then a greater risk of it being familial and also if either had bilateral or if there were other types of cancer in the family, such as ovarian. NICE, the organisation for clinical excellence has guidelines GPs will use to determine who is at risk or who isn’t. I have put the link here

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I have put for you below the link to BCC’s publication regarding breast cancer in families. I hope it helps.

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Thank you both. Much appreciated.