Family History?

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in Nov 2006. I have three first cousins on my maternal line who have also had breast cancer. We were all oestrogen positive. Our mothers - all sisters did not have breast cancer but four of the female offspring including me have had breast cancer.We all have daughters. Is this a family history problem?

Any advice welcomed.

Hi there, it certainly sounds worth investigating especially as like me you all have daughters. You can ask to be referred to your nearest genetics clinic. I was tested and don’t have either BRCA 1 or 2 but because of my family history (Mum and my paternal Grandmother both had ovarian cancer and my paternal Grandmother’s sister had breast cancer) my Sister was offered and had an oophorectomy and has yearly mammograms (she’s 47) and my daughter will be screened from her early 30’s. Best Wishes…x

Thank you for your advice - I will ask to get referred to our family history clinic.

Thinking of you xx

Hi abcde

You may find the BCC booklet on ‘breast cancer in families’, useful to read. If you would like to have a look at this just follow the link below:-

I hope you find this helpful.

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BCC Facilitator

Thank you - I did not realise there was a booklet on this.

I think it also depends on what age your cousins were when diagnosed with breast cancer. My mum was 43 and her sister was also young.

I’ve found out that I have the BRCA2 gene and my cousin (who hasn’t had a diagnosis) has recently found out that she has the BRCA2 gene as well. My brother is awaiting testing next month.

Yes my cousins were all between 45 - 50 when they were diagnosed. I was the oldest at 50.

My doctor has now referred me to a family history clinic so I am waiting to see what happens now.

Thanks for your post and hope you are well.

I’m not surprised that you want to be tested. I was 40 when first diagnosed (now 53) and the youngest to be diagnosed at that time in my family.

Good luck with the family history clinic - one thing I’d forgotten to tell them when I first went to see the genetics counsellor was that my nan and granddad were first cousins! So they’re not sure whether it came from my nan or my granddad but, for some reason, it missed them out and was passed to my mum and aunt.

Am undergoing more tests as I now have secondary breast cancer so fingers crossed everything will be okay!

I’ve just read the leaflet (thanks for flagging it up) and am thinking that maybe I ought to seek out the test. My paternal grandmother died of breast cancer aged 28, I was 45 when diagnosed. There have been no females in the generation in between on that side of the family. I have an adult daughter … (she worries me a lot because of obsessions in her class at school, they were trying - and apparently succeeding - to increase their breast size by taking fenugreek regularly, despite my regular making the point that I thought it was not a sensible thing to try, in the circumstances - probably anyway!)