Fancy A Week In Spain Anyone Welcome?????

Hi I Live in Spain and used to work at a small, fun family run hotel here, anyway got together with the owners who are freinds of mine and suggested a weeks holiday for us ladies…

It is primarily set up for disabled people but they have now opened there doors to girlie weeks, etc, so we could have the full use of the whole hotel!!

It´s situated south of Malaga, large pool, BAR… All rooms fully air con etc… Foods fantastic! Hospitality brilliant! Day excursions…

The website is for those of you interested please take a look.

Prices are;
If there are 8 people or more we could do a per person package…
Full Board with airport transfers 420 pounds per person (no excursions) or
Full Board with airport transfers and excursions 465 pounds per person.
They will also let us have the full run of the hotel self catering full use of kitchen etc for 1800 pounds for the week upto 15 ladies so this would work out approx 120 pounds each.(as long as we fill the hotel 15 ladies)

I think the prices are very good, You could also bring a friend or friends etc…

Anyone interested in the greatest party week in Spain let me know!

Luv Teresa xxx

Thank you. Jellylegs xxx

Dependent on dates I’m interested. It looks wonderful.

looks great what dates have you in mind ?

Hi, Thanks for your enquires, the dates free are as follows,

May 13th - 20th
July 25th - August 1st
August 19th - 26th
August 26th - September 2nd
September 16th - 23rd
September 23rd - 30th
September 30th - October 7th
October 17th - 24th
October 24th - 31st

July and August being the hottest time of the year, these months may need some careful consideration, unless your all lovely little hot houses…

September, october, nearly always gorgeous, may should also be good…

Do you have any friends who would like to come? They are all welcome!

Keep me posted,

Luv Teresa xxx

Having major surgery in June with 3 months recovery, Iknow how hot it can be there so probably late Sept or Oct for me. Please Teresa ,go with the majority as I have holiday planned with husband… not the same as girls’ week though. Would like to come if possible.


Ok Kathy, I will keep you posted, many thanks. Sounds like just what the Doctor ordered for you, sorry to hear you have approaching surgery, i´m sure all will go well for you.

Take care,
luv Teresa x

Hi Teresa
I’m VERY Interested, be great to get away and meet you girls.

I still don’t know what’s happening with rest of treatment yet so May date would be out for me, rest of dates is not a problem at all.

P.S looks gorgeous

Sharon xxx


i think may is out for me but rest of months are fine i think

Hi lucyloo, yes I think May is a little too soon as us ladies need to organise around treatments etc. I was looking possibly Sept, We can make August or even July but it´s sooooo Hot !

Love Teresa x

Hi Teresa,

Sept is fine for me…would be lovely to have a trip away…

Fiona xx

Has Anyone any preference to which date in September?

Love Teresa x

Sounds fab. Kathy said late Sept/October would suit her best - same here!

Sue x

Hi there is still some spaces left if any of you ladies want to bring a friend, please let me know…
Love Teresa xxx

Any of the dates in September will be fine for me. Looking forward to it already.


Great judy, We still have to get a few more interested, I´m really looking forward to meeting everyone.

Love Teresa x

Looks like one of the first 3 weeks of Sept. not possible now for the last week of September.

Love Teresa x

hi Teresa, thanks for pm me, unfortunatly i wont be able to join you all as im actually going to spain with my family around that time,i think it is near you frigliana( hope ive spellt it ok.).but i do hope you have a good time, i may even bump into to you!!!take care maisie (chris) .xxx

Hi Maisie, sorry you can´t join us… Thank you for letting me know.
Love Teresa x