Fantastic Day.

Fantastic Day.

Fantastic Day. Just thought i would say how fantastic the healthy living day was today in Liverpool.

I was feelin so down and almost burst into tears during the first session, everyone was so lovely.
By the end of the day i was laughing and had everyone else laughing too back to the ‘old’ me.

i loved massaging each others hands in the aromatherapy and could have had the indian head massage for an hour.

Going to go and have that done its gorgeous on my badly head.

Thanks for putting on all these fab things BCC.

Love Ruth xx

So glad I’ve just hunted you out - to say I hoped you’d had a good day today and here you are saying how well it went.
If I’d lived anywhere near I’d love to have come with you.
I’m slightly annoyed to note that the Newcastle version of the day clashes with the ribbon walk in Derbyshire.
Your description of the day will make my decision harder!

Keep smiling

—healthy living day —hi liverbird,
glad you enjoyed your day out,i have asked Breast Cancer Care if there are going to be any in birmingham and hopefully there will be sometime in june so im going to try and get to that one.bluebell

— Hi Ruth, — Did you enjoy the meal too? I could have eaten and eaten and eaten. Love Joy xxx

You and your food JOY!! I did enjoy the meal Joy i always enjoy it if anyone else cooks for me.

The desserts looked better than they tasted (fussy git hey?)

I go out for that many bloomin meals i will be 22 stone soon double what i am now and thats too fat.

So depressed just now though and i can feel my appetitie is going it did this when i was first diagnosed and i lost a stone.
Dont really want to go there again.

Hey Joy were you there?
YOu better not have been and not said hi.

Hugs Ruthx

— Hi Ruth — No I wasn’t there. I went last year and loved it. Was it at the Adelphi again? (Posh arn’t we?)

I wouldn’t have not said Hi. I’d have squashed you to bits.

Joy x

Wud i like being squashed haha!! Yes me love was at the adelphi i think the place is gross old fashioned etc, into modern stuff me.

I cud get into the hand massage though although i didnt think the person i had doin mine had a nice touch where as she said i had.

Adore touch but dont get much, arh Joy if ya squash gently ya on haha.

Blimey i shall be getting a reputaion on here.
its hormones or chemo or something not me honest!!!

Gentle Hugs Ruth xx

for liverbird Hi

Where was the day held? Is there another one planned?

I live in St Helens and something like that would do me the world of good.


Hi Joo Don’t know whether I should have just put this in my emails to you, but it might benefit some of the other ladies so put it here.

They are usually in Liverpool. But also, the secondary ladies (I think I gave you Quackers email address), apparently arrange some things for themselves, so I don’t know if these may be of more interest to you.

Big hugs, from a hamster faced wisdom tooth-free Joy xxx