Fantastic News..

Fantastic News…

Fantastic News… Had a call at 4.30 asking me to go up the doctors, the results were in. A friend drove me. I was a shaking mess, waited in the waiting room, crying. Didn’t want to get Johan from work…
Then the doctor came. great news just a fibroid. they’ll double check but all looks good. SOOOOO happy, now can’t wait to go and tell Johan at work and celebrate. I haven’t forgotton what I was like an hour ago and won’t dispapear from the site. I hope all of you waiting get the same news as me tomorrow. Hopefully this post will make you think in a positive way. I wish you luck and will check in tomorrow. THe best to all xxxx

Congrats What wonderful news for you. You must be so relieved.

Hope you are celebrating like mad.


That’s great news Hi Ginger2

I am really pleased for you. I hope all those positive thoughts that we all sent you, helped you through the last few days. Now you can get on with the rest of your life.

Good luck for the future.

Lynn x

brilliant news!
love sharonx

I can imagine what you were like waiting, weve all been there.
Im so happy for you, it can make you appreciate life so so much more.

Go celebrate.


That’s fantastic news, I am so happy for you! Enjoy your celebrations

So pleased to hear that your results were good.

So pleased for you Hi Ginger2

So pleased for you, what good news. You must be relieved today. I am going to find out this afternoon, so will post later. Feeling very apprehensive, and cant wait to know one way or the other. Thank you all for your comments. Good Luck to Ross.


Thanks to everyone! Have a shocking hangover today, announced the engagement last night as well. Thinking about everyone else’s results. Keep us posted, wishing you the best!!!