Far Infrared

Hi everyone,

I’ve just been given some info that “Far Infrared” helps cancer. Does anyone have any experiences of it? What is it like? Does it work? Would it be possible to get it in the UK (NHS/Private)?


Hi m1yu

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Lucy (BCC)

Just raised the topic with my GP, she’s not heard of such a thing. Sounds like it’s another one of those myth out there

I have a portable far inrafed sauna which I bought after being diagnosed because I was told it is helpful. I don’t use it as often as I should, but it does produce a good sweat which helps clear toxins from the body. Whether this helps with cancer is unproven, but I’m sure it can’t hurt, and it is very relaxing too.

Hi, oriana,

I mentioned it to my onc a few months ago. He said that it is very popular in Germany and they claim that it can double the effectiveness of chemo, which is again unproven. It is also not used elsewhere in Europe.

I’ve read lots of interesting things in the web. Worth googling if you are interested in reading.

I have a diagnosis of ME/CFS as well as breast cancer and have used a FIR sauana. I was full of lindane and nickel and managed to get rid of these. Both of these are carcinogenic and estrogenic and known to cause breast cancer. The FIR alone got rid of the lindane - around 40 saunas (I had them twice or three times a week), but for the nickel I did chelation too. I bought my own FIR sauna, but you can often find a gym that has one.

Hi carolwat and everyone else,
I have had ME/CFS for about 10 years and had been managing it fairly well by now. Going in for WLE and sentinel node biopsy/clearance for IDC and, then depending what else they find, other treatment. I wondered how has your treatment affected your ME/CFS and if you have any tips?

Hello, just an aside to this thread as I know nothing about Far Infared. It just strikes me that there might be a corolation between bc and ME/CF. I too had ME 8 years ago and although greatly improved, I now work 19 hrs a week, I still have episodes of extreme tiredness and I’m not able to sustain a lot of exercise. I know personally of several ladies in a similar situation who went on to develope bc. I imagine ME/CF weakens the immune system and this can make us more vunerable.
Regarding treatment I did find that during radiotherapy I was drained from the start, where as most people talked of becoming tired as it progressed, although my tiredness certainly did get worse too. From day one when I got up from the couch I felt as if all my energy had been sucked out of me, this would last for about an hour until I recovered. Also it was very hard going returning to work.