Fashion Show

Fashion Show

Fashion Show This site appears to be quiet at the moment, so just to keep it going…
I am applying to take part in the Breast Cancer Care fashion show this October.
Are there any other men on this site taking part?

David S

I might Hi David,
Your Right it is quiet. I keep looking by every now and then to make sure I haven’t missed anything - but nothing seems to be happening at the moment. A big push might happen in towards “Male Cancer awareness month” to aid the cause - but until then…

I might apply for the Fashion show again, but it largely depends upon how many men they require. Last year, it was the tenth anniversary and I was told that they made an exception to include two men. Either way it was a great experience which will last with me to the end of my days. They will probably be asking for volunteers shortly - keep your eyes open and best of luck.



HI David and Brian I hope you dont mind me replying on here.
I think you should both apply again this year you were fab last year so both of you go for it :slight_smile:
I think Brian it is stupid that just because it was there 10th anniversay last year that they excepted 2 men they should have more men if they want to do it after all they do have about 20 women. Men are just if not more important as more men need to be made aware that yes they can get breast cancer.
David do you know when they start to advertise for models I have been keeping my eyes open but seen nothing except that the tickets go on sale in April.
Love to you both Clairemm x x

Fashion Show I was told that the first round selection takes place at the beginning of February, so I expect they have the number of women they want.
I was asked whether I would like to take part last week, and am waiting to hear more details.
Tickets for the show go on sale early in April.


Fashion Show Hi David

Yes, I applied to take part and I got an e-mail last week to say I have been selected.
I’m really looking forward to it and would welcome any tips from David and Brian who both took part last year.
I was told they were trying to get two men again this year.


Stuart W

Re Fashion Show 2007 Hello - nice to see some contribution to the forum from someone…

I took part along with Brian in the 2006 10th anniversary Fashion Show

Just to let you all know - I did not apply for the 2007 show - I do things once only - the second time never seems the same - cant bring back the feeling walking out to a full house whooping n holaring.
Sorry Claire…

Good luck to the guy/s who are given the same oppertunity as Brian and I had last year.

David W

Hi Stuart congratulations on being excepted for the fashion show u will love it, it is such a fantastic experience.
I have been looking on here for about the past 2 months for when they advertise for us to apply for the fashion show how did u apply I cant find any thing about it on here.
Love Clairemm x x

Fashion Show Hi Claire

I had a contact at Breast Cancer Care who I spoke to quite a bit last year and she sent me through an application some time ago.
I have a feeling that they may have stopped taking applications for this years show now though.
Tickets wil go on sale in April/May I think.

Thanks for your support.

Stuart W x

Stuart - you’ll love it What a great opportunity you have - make the most of it and you’ll enjoy every minute.

You will have to keep pestering for answers to your questions - but they are a good bunch and if David and I (and Claire) can answer any questions just ask.

I have to say that I am disappointed for all those who might have wanted to apply - but never got the opportunity. But anyway I’ve had my go and its great.

Best of Luck



Well Done Stuart Stuart - I can only back up what Brian has said - feel free to conctact if any into is required - make the most of it - it is over so quick.

Good Luck David W

Thanks guys! Thanks for your support.
When it comes to the actual event do they let your wife/partner have a ticket also for the evening?
I am really looking forward to it and as you say I’ll make the most of it.


Stuart W

Not free Stuart,
I’m afraid if your wife wants to go it will have to be at your cost, it is all for charity after all. The afternoon cost £60 and the evening £150 last year for the ticket. And the evening is formal wear, plus transport, it mounts up, but I think it was worth it.

That being said, my wife came to the evening event and we stayed over in a local hotel(book early) and we had a fantastic time. After the fashion show you join your wife/partner for the rest of the event and the meal. The evening event tables are normally sold as a whole ie 10 seats, but the models share tables and BCC will sell a single or more if you have friends going 'cos your special, you get yours free.

Once in a life time opportunity to mix it with the Celebs, if you can manage it I would recommend the evening doo.

Any more questions don’t hesitate



Fashion show Thanks for the info Brian.
It will certainly be a once in a lifetime opportunity!



This site is very quiet!
To see whether it is still alive, I have to report that I am taking part in the Fashion Show in October, and am looking forward to it.

I wondered where you men had disappeared to! I had a look at this section earlier and nothing had been posted for ages. Thought you must all be well and/or on holiday?

Let’s hope that there are some more posts before you report on the fashion show!


hi all,
good luck to those taking part in the fashion show this year I did it in 2006 it was a wonderful experience. Our mens Forum seems rather quiet these days, just to let you know I have just taken part in a fashion shoot( with Lisa Snowdon ) it was a great day !!! for Asda Tickled Pink Calender and for their awareness campaign which runs all through October, my photos will be used in Asda in the ladies and gents toilets, and in the Calender… Asda really are trying to raise the awareness of mens breast Cancer, I was approached re the fashion show in the december of the previous year if this helps the ladies that want to take part good luck to you all we will be there to watch you strut your stuff!!!