Faslodex fatigue?

I have just been started on Faslodex (fultrevesant) a couple of days ago and I have started feeling really unreasonably fatigued. I was tired anyway (because of disease and chemo I’ve just finished) but it was a real effort to make myself a cup of coffee this morning, which is ridiculous. I will go and ask a doctor, but meanwhile…has anyone here had Faslodex, and if so did you get acute fatigue as a side-effect? It seems possible from a look around the web.

Hi potentilla

Whilst you are waiting for your fellow forum users to reply, I thought I’d mention the cancer backup site to you. It has a specific section related to coping with fatigue, which you may find useful. This information can be found by using the following web address:- cancerbackup.org.uk/Resourcessupport/Symptomssideeffects/Fatigue I hope you find this helpful.

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I’ve been asking my Oncologist if I can move onto Faslodex because it appears that my Oestrogen levels are still a little high even though I have had my Ovaries removed over 12 months ago. I am currently on Arimidex. My Onc said that it is not on the NHS approved list and therefore I couldn’t have it. She has however agreed to write to my PCT to ask if I can have it. I just wondered how you came to get it? Which area of the country do you live in? It looks like the usual postcode lottery although my Onc says it isn’t down to money but the fact that it hasn’t been proven to be effective in Secondary Breast Cancer. If that is the case why do different PCT’s allow their Oncs to prescribe it to their patients?

Any information would be helpful so that I can tackle my Onc further on this!

Best wishes.

Hi there. I’m not on Faslodex but it’s offered as a treatment where I live, Norfolk.
Just in case you haven’t heard of this trial Spike the link to the SOFEA Faslodex trial,

Spike - I am in Scotland (and NHS Scotland has of course been a completely separate body from the English etc ones since it was founded in 1947). I am now on Faslodex because I have been on letrozole (Femara - one of the aromatase inhibitors) for some years and am now getting significant disease progression (despite lots of assorted chemo as well). There is evidence that Faslodex is useful for people in my situation, see for instance this study in J Clinical Oncology:


Also the Astra-Zeneca site faslodex.net has lots of info.

The SOFEA study seems to be looking at whether Faslodex alone is better than Faslodex + an aromatase inhibitor or an aromatase inhibitor alone, as opposed to whether it is useful after an aromatase inhibitor has stopped working, as in the study linked above. Maybe that’s what your onc means. Faslodex has been licenced in the UK for use in advanced breast cancer since 2004, but AFAIK NICE have not published any guideliines.

I think that if I were you, I might be thinking about disease progression rather than oestrogen levels per se, on current evidence. I am not a doctor, though.

Good luck!

Hi Everyone

Thanks for your comments, I shall have a look through the information from your web links.

I wonder if oestrogen levels could have an affect on disease progression. My disease is/has been stable for 6 months now but if I could take something that would contain it further, say by changing to Faslodex, then I think that might be more proactive than waiting for my disease to progress before then being prescribed it. It is such a mind field and I don’t like the attitudes in this country, let’s wait until something happens and it hurts or you’re really ill before putting you on something. It just seems so reactive.

Anyway, thanks again. It is always interesting to hear what treatments other people are on.

Best wishes to you all.