Faslodex Side Effects?

Evening Nicky

Thank you very much for explaining what liver section is. Once you have operation it must be nice to think they have got rid of them nasty pests. I really hope it will be not too long you have got to wait.

MRI scans seem to be much better than CT scans at showing up liver mets. I have never been offered one.

Good luck.


Hi Nicky

Just wondering how new treatment is going…

Off the top of my head the hospital you attend does do tumour markers. I am getting abit concerned about mine as been on Capecebine 7 months and they are still 600 they had gone up to 1,000 in October. What chemo unit said don’t get hung up on number. They were 300 in September then jumped up.

I know it is awhile ago since you were on Capecebine but did you have IV chemo at same time?

I know you are full of information thats why I thought I would ask your opinion
Hope treatment is going well.


Hello nicky

Just popping in to send u loads of hugs and thinking of you. The sunshine and warm weather will help you recover better.

Gentle hugs xxxxc???

Hi Nicky

Thank you getting back to me regarding my queries.

Pleased the operation on the liver seems to have gone well. That must be nice to think the mets have gone although you say there may be tiny particles.

Hope you have a speedy recovery.

Cap seems to be going OK. Not had many side effects watery eyes and runny nose and more tired than usual. Can’t believe I have been on it 7 months already.

Wonder why all hospitals don’t offer liver section if it means they can get rid of most of the mets.



Think you have been very brave to do the surgery although I must confess that I haven’t heard about this type of op before.

Knowing you nicky you will soon be off on your regular holibobs soon !!

Yes I’m on the devil pills E and E …nearly a month …thought I had mastered the side effects but tonight I’m sat here with trout pout swollen lips and my mouth is on fire …I do so want to give them a few more months so hopefully there is something oncologist can prescribe …I’ve got mouth wash and bonjela but it isn’t helping .
Oh the joys of all this.

Hugs xxx???

Ps : these pills are better than any fat club diet …it wasent until 4 pm today realised I haden’t eaten anything and my chocolate stash is building up in the cupboard …xx

Hi All

i haven’t posted for sometime as all was going well, but as there has been some changes I thought after reading this thread I would do a post.

i had faslodex and denosumab 21 times and really had very few SE’s so was lucky had scan every 3 months and bone mets remained stable so onc decided to leave me 6 months! Well at the onc appointment 3 months ago I saw onc for results he said that whilst bone mets remain stable but I now have liver mets, 2 a couple of centimetres and splattering throughout liver! Immediately put on taxatare 3 weekly, bad reaction to first dose, in hospital, then onc reduced dose for next dose, coped much better and was given figrastin injections for 7 days. 3rd dose today, then scan to see if it’s working 14th. 

Im very scared that having the reduced dose means it won’t be so effective, has anyone else had experience of this. My onc was very vague! Bit gutted he also left me 6 months between scans!

I’m no longer on faslodex but remain on denosumab. 

Im also interested to read on here about liver resection. I haven’t ask my onc about this but have noted as a question for next time, is this a common treatment for liver mets?

i go to a local primary BC support group, but don’t have any one else to chat too about liver mets! 

Thank you in advance for any advice you can give.