Faslodex - SoFEA Trial

Is anyone else on the SoFEA trial and having Faslodex injections, or having Faslodex injections and NOT on the trial? I have been having Faslodex injections in my backside now for 4 months and I would be interested to know what side effects you are experiencing, if any, and how well it is working for you. I have a breast tumour and bone mets. The tumour hasn’t really shrunk with Faslodex, but hasn’t grown either.

I am on Faslodex too - I also have bone mets - I started in June after 12 months+ on Aromasin which had stopped being effective - am due for bone scan in Nov to see whether it is working or not. Can’t say I’ve had any real noticeable side effects apart from sore backside for a few days after the injection. I am not on the SoFEA trial - what is it?
Best wishes Smartie x

Hello Smartie - hope Faslodex works for you. The trial is to compare Faslodex against Exemastane (Aromasin) with or without Arimidex. Some people are just on Aromasin, others are just getting Faslodex injections and others like me get faslodex and a daily tablet which is either Arimidex or placebo.
I was on Arimidex for a year before Faslodex - haven’t tried Aromasin yet - that’s my next one.
I get the sore backside but have also been feeling very depressed on some days and stressed out on others and lethargic and then everything gets back to normal just before the next jab! Anyway, I’m glad to hear you aren’t experiencing anything. I too have another scan in November - we will have to compare notes!

All the best,