Fast track referral after doctors appointment on tues


I made an appointment to see the doctor on tues having discovered a strange dimple, about the size of a 1p on the top of my left breast. First noticed it a few months back but just put it down to my age (47) and my breasts starting to get saggier. I did a quick google on the monday night, more out of curiosity than any real fear, and realised that I’d better get it checked out.


The doctor did the examination and then started apologising profusely to me, saying she had felt a lump next to it and that she really thought that it was ‘something’ and she would fast track me for a breast clinic appointment. I probably wouldn’t be feeling quit as terrified as I do if she hadn’t kept apologising. At one point she said “there’s a chance it may be nothing… but I’m so sorry… I don’t think that’s the case… I really do think that it is something”

Just 20 minutes after I left her office, I received a phone call with an appointment for the breast clinic on Monday 2nd June.


At this point, I am sure that I am no different to many who found themselves in this position… waves of terror, bouts of weepiness, unable to eat, nauseous, diarrhea, random pains which I keep thinking are signs. I feel that at the moment the doctor said those words to me that half my brain switched off and I’m operating in a dream, not really connected to reality anymore. I’m continuing to go to work (I have my own business) and operating as normal but it feels like my life has ground to a standstill.


I started to google on wednesday which was a really bad idea; and having found this forum am battling with myself to keep away from anywhere else at the moment. At least here it all seems a little more positive. I know I just have to take it all one day at a time but I’ve got another 9 days to get through before I have any idea of what I’m facing… if anything.

Hi Mel66, welcome to the BCC forums
In addition to the support you will soon have here our helpliners are on hand with practical and emotional support for you so please feel free to call to talk your concerns over. Lines are open today until 2pm (weekdays 9-5 and Sat 10-2, closed BH Monday) on 0808 800 6000

Here’s a link to the ‘worried about breast cancer’ area of the site which you may find helpful:

Take care
Lucy BCC

Hi Mel66 welcome


you have come to the right place, we have all been there, the torture of waiting, not knowing and thinking the worst.


you did the right thing getting it checked and now it’s real,  most breast lumps are not cancer, just read old posts on here and you will see loads of women who were fine.


there is nothing I can say that will stop the worry, the torture of waiting is the worst thing imaginable,  but the time will pass, keep yourself busy, it may distract you for a while, but please stay away from Google,  I wouldn’t read anything about treatments, until you know for sure you’ll just freak your self out, post on here as much as you like. Everyone on here has been where you are now, waiting.


if you need to talk phone the helpline,  they are great and quite used to us crying on the phone.


Be good to yourself and take care.



It’s perfectly normal to feel angry, you direct it at anyone or anything that gives you stress.  Your doctor was wrong, I think she was wrong for not trying to reassure that the ‘something’ could have been a lot of other things, not necessarily cancer. 


You will find yourself getting angry with lots of things and people over the waiting period, that’s what stress does to us. My cousin has had several lumps removed, all benign,  but when a doctor says it’s something your first instinct is always to panic, think the worst.


I’m sure you’re poking and prodding yourself, I know I did and I didn’t have a lump.


take care



I’ve had various referrals over the years and each time my (various) GPs made comments that made my blood run cold.  My most recent visit to the GP was the only time I was told anything remotely positive but I’d like to share my recent experience with you anyway as, although quite different to yours, it does prove that sometimes we are worrying unnecessarily and that GPs do not know it all.


I found a lump in my right breast on 5 May (felt like a cyst, I’d had some before) and this prompted me to feel the exact same spot in my left.  That seemed to have a very slight thickening in the general area.  I got a doctor’s appointment on 7 May.  My GP said she thought the lump was a fibroadenoma and she did think there was a slight thickening in the left now that I had pointed it out, but that it felt like ‘normal tissue’.   She referred me for the lump to ‘put everyone’s mind at rest’.  I was confident I would get a hospital appointment well within the 2 week target if my last experience was anything to go by.  It actually took 3 weeks and in that time I Googled myself sick.  First of all, this was the first time I fell into the ‘over 50s’ bracket, immediately putting my risk up.  Secondly, because I had more time to go on the internet and forums such as this, I deduced from other people’s experiences that what I had thought felt like an innocent cyst (or fibroadenoma – I would have been happy with that) in my right breast, could in fact easily be malignant, and that the thickening in my left might be lobular cancer.  Thirdly, and worst of all, within a few days, the vague thickening in my left breast became a lump the size of a golf ball.  There were people on forums saying their cancerous golf ball sized lumps had appeared or tripled overnight.  I couldn’t feel a ‘defined’ edge to my now huge lump.  Not a good sign either.  The only good thing about both was they were very mobile.  I think they felt smooth but after 3 weeks I had felt them to death and was no longer sure.  The large one felt covered in tissue whereas the small one didn’t – 2 different lumps then, so in my head 1 at least had to be bad.  The large one in particular worried me sick – how it had gone from nothing to huge.  When I lifted my arm it totally distorted my breast and was getting bigger by the day.  I self-diagnosed a Phillodes tumour.


I had my appointment yesterday and thank God, both were cysts.  The person who did my ultrasound said it was ‘reassuring’ that my lump had grown so quickly as this is nearly always never cancer.  The consultant also said no cancerous lump suddenly appears as huge overnight.  He said NEVER Google it. 


I hope you find it reassuring to know that your doctor can be wrong and that other people’s symptoms that sound just like yours may in fact be nothing of the sort.   I am lucky that my story has a happy ending.  It may not always be the case and though I chose to dwell on the wrong things on the forums, I have learned some invaluable lessons from them so I hope it doesn’t sound like I am criticising what I read on them.  I just chose to pick up on all the wrong things to feed my fear.


I am sure you know now that you have Googled, that being fast tracked is normal procedure by the way so don’t let that be an extra worry.  It is also normal - well it was for me - to start getting all the symptoms you read about.  if I had read that an itchy nose was a sign I am sure I would have had one!


I really hope you get a good outcome and I shall be praying for you.  Not much longer to wait now and you are going to the people who are experts in this field remember so try to see it as a positive day looming.  That helped me as the day approached, knowing I would be in exactly the right hands if the news wasn’t good.  Sorry to ramble on.



Hi Mel66

I know this reply might be a bit late but just in case you haven’t gone for your appt yet…I sympathise so much with your situation.  My GP also freaked me out when they told me that they thought the lump I had found was not a cyst and that I needed to give it my utmost priority - then proceeded to fill in a referral form headed (in capital letters) “High Risk of Cancer” to get me an appointment at a One Stop Clinic.  I then spent the next two weeks till my appointment thinking that the main positive outcome had already been ruled out, so preparing myself for the worst.  As soon as I saw the consultant at the clinic he told me he thought it WAS a cyst - and that is what it turned out to be.  I so hope that your outcome today is the same - but if it is not, people who have been through this -and come out the other side - seem to say that the waiting to find out is the worst part and hopefully that bit will soon be over.  But don’t let your GPs comments terrify you - they are not experts in this.

Hi mel66


I am so sorry that you got the bad news today, I know you are feeling shocked and once you get the results of your biopsy you will know exactly what you are dealing with. 


You will have good days and not so good days this week and that’s normal,  we have been there and are here if you need us.  The helpline is great if you get the wobbles.  It’s now four months since I was diagnosed, at the time I felt things took ages but I needed the time to get my head round everything.  You will find your way and, although it’s all terrifying now, treatment is not as bad as you think it will be, not a walk in the park, but doable.


Keep posting and take care