Fasting with chemo

Hi ive seen some older threads on here about fasting during chemo. Has anyone tried this and found it to be of benefit reducing side efeects?

Hi Moomin16,

Sorry to see you haven’t received a response yet and I am sure some of our users will be along to share their experiences and show their support soon. 

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Thanks Bonita. I will try and repost in a different section. Thank you.

Hi. I did fast when having chemo and am sure I helped with side effects. I had no sickness or upset tummy. I used to have my meal on Thursday evening and fast. Chemo was Saturday morning. Then didn’t eat for 24 hours after. If I was hungry, I would have a small portion of mash potatoe or a couple of rice cakes. I don’t know if fasting helped but I didn’t not want to stop doing it just incase.

Charlie thats great! Thanks for getting back to me about it. Im going to give it a go and just see what happens. Thanks again.



Hi Moomin, i also tried the fasting method and foud it helping with the side effects and digestive system. Its goos to know i am not the only one trying it 

Did you take anything at the same time with the steroids you were given? - assuming you had steroids. I read that someone had taken avocado fat.
And what did you eat to get your stomach and body moving again after the fasting period?
Did you take any additional supplements during yr chemo treatment? Sorry for all the questions lol x

I feel little strange in my right breast and I’m afraid it is a cancer and it drives me crazy if it is. Emotionally I’m not ready for the treatment and the effect of chemo scsred me a lot. Does anyone tell me the feeling of chemotheraphy?

Hi Flames,most breast changes/lumps are not cancer but if you have concerns it would be best to get a doctor to check you over and hopefully then you can stop worrying .

I decided not to fast as hadnt done it before. Ive had loads of side effects nearly everything you can think of. I do wonder how i wouldve been if id fasted. My onc was very against it as said i needed my strength. So it put me off. But i do feel there is something in it, so keep me posted as its very interesting that most ladies report minimal side effects. Im on my final chemo today thankfully. Its all doable but ive noticed everyones journey is very different. Good luck everyone on rest of your treatment. X