Fat necrosis

I am post op for lumpectomy on 16 Jan and when I have seen the consultant and had all dressing removed have been told I have fat necrosis - yuck,

The wound is only now only about 1.2mm open and is leaking very slightly. Everything else is fine.

I just wondered if anyone else out there has the same problem or any advice as what to do as I have oncology appointment Wednesday and don’t want thus to affectbthings.


Carolyn i have fat necrosis in bothe breasts following surgery but didn’t cause my wounds to break down. It’s inside and along the scar line. Left side was diagnosed by biopsy and right was more obvious and showed up on ultrasound. There are a number of different types of fat necrosis and one of them resembles breast cancer on scans hence the biopsy of the left one.

I just know the lumps are fat necrosis so don’t really worry about them. Obviously I they started to change I would get it looked at again.

Hope your wound heals up soon… Not much you can do but wait… Depending on what treatment is next oncology may want it to be fully healed eg I your getting chemo. If its rads then they usy start about 6 weeks or more after surgery so might be fine by then.

Take care

Thanks Lulu

That’s what I thought about waiting, but me and waiting about are not good friends.

I have an oncology appointment tomorrow so guess I’ll know more then.

Hope your treatment is going well