Fatty Liver Disease and Tamoxifen

Hi, I’ve recently been advised of fatty liver disease and it being a side effect of Tamoxifen - I have had high levels of liver enzymes in blood tests and I am worried that the cancer has spread to my liver … please can you advise if I should push for a CT scan to check, rather than accepting that it’s ‘just a side effect’ of the Tamoxifen, thanks


I am on Anastrozole. Have been on it for 1 year and 4 months now and I am the same my liver enzymes are up and been told I have fatty liver. I can’t seem to find out if it is a side effect of Anastrozole. My enzymes were normal before starting this course and I am also a the same as you as in worried about the cancer spreading to my liver

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Hi Jaynie, thank you for responding and sorry to hear you’re the same … I have the gp on wed to discuss results so will see what comes from it … further tests would definitely put my mind at ease … I haven’t really had a check up since finishing ‘active treatment’ just a mammogram of the remaining boob :woman_shrugging:t3:

Yes I am the same. I have had 1 mammogram on other side and am due my second next month. I am having liver function blood test on Wednesday again to see what my levels are. Let me know how you get on regarding your results

Hello Amber87,

Thanks for posting. It’s understandable to be concerned about having altered liver enzymes and have been told about fatty liver disease. You’ll see from this information that changes in liver enzyme and a fatty liver are common side effects of tamoxifen (section 4.8 under hepatobiliary disorders)

@Jaynie23, altered liver enzymes is also a side effect of anastrozole.

This is also mentioned in brief in our tamoxifen and anastrozole information.

Given it is a side effect it’s unlikely your treatment team would suggest a CT scan. After treatment for breast cancer, it’s natural to think that having routine body scans, for example a CT scan (computerised tomography), a PET scan ( positron emission tomography) or a PET-CT scan, will be a helpful way to check for any early signs of the cancer returning (recurrence) and that this will be part of follow up care.

Current international guidelines indicate that body scans are only recommended after breast cancer treatment if you have symptoms that might suggest a recurrence. This is because evidence tells us that follow up scans are not the best way of picking up any early signs of recurrence.

It sounds as though you are both seeing your GP on Wednesday so do chat this through. It might also help to talk to your treatment teams.

You may be interested in the range of services we offer, in particular Moving Forward

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