Hi everyone

I am due to have a mastectomy/reconstruction on 16th Feb and would like to know if anyone else going through surgery next month wants to do a bit of virtual hand holding.


Not in your situation (but happy to hold your hand). BUMPING you back up so other new people see your post - good luck xx

Thanks for that JulieD. Now I know what the bumping means - I’ve read it once or twice and always wondered!!


You are welcome. How are you bearing up?
Posts often get missed specially if site is busy - yours seems to be one of them so I’ll bump you again!
Best wishes x

Hi lemon cake
I’m seeing my surgeon tomorrow to get a date for mastectomy and reconstruction. I still have one chemo to go so should get a date tomorrow. Whilst I have an idea of which surgery options I haven’t decided. Can I ask what you’ve opted for? And the reasons why?
I’m a bit apprehensive I have to say. Not even sure what questions to ask tomorrow.
I’d be happy to be yr virtual buddy.
Sharon x

Hi Sharon

I was beginning to think I was the only unfortunate one having surgery in Feb so thanks for the post. I’m going for the recon from my stomach, the details the PS gave me call it a diep and tram flap on the same sheet so I’m not sure which of these its called.

I thought I wouldn’t be able to have an LD (back flap) recon as I’ve got no meat on me there but I have got some on my stomach - about a C cup I reckon, however when I went to the hospital the surgeon said he could do either as they take the muscle from your back but he said it would mean an implant as well which would need replacing every 10yrs. I didn’t really fancy that bit even though it would be a shorter op at 5hrs compared to 10hrs for stomach op. I have read that the diep/tram gives better results.

I’d love to be your virtual buddy as well. Let me know how you get on tomorrow.


PS Thanks again JulieD

Hello again lemon cake
I’m considering the tram flap too as I like to go canoeing so want to be able to paddle. I liked the thought of having a tummy tuck at the same time as having a pair of pert new boobs but I know what you’re saying about the length of the operation, it does scare me a bit if I’m being honest. Did your surgeon give you any idea as to how long your recovery will be? I guess I will get answers tomorrow, I will let you know. I don’t think I will have my surgery until march well to be honest I don’t know about whether I need radiotherapy yet and whether I will have pre or post op. so… Until tomorrow…my new buddy xx

The surgeon said I wouldn’t be able to rock climb if I had back flap but didn’t mention canoeing. I’ve never rock climbed in my life!!
I think the recovery is about 6 wks, you can’t lift a kettle until week 3.

Good luck with appt tomorrow.


Me again, hope your well lemoncake and JulieD
Saw my surgeon today and great news - no need for radiotherapy. What a relief.
I have to see breast nurse for reconstruction counselling and then make absolute decision on type of surgery. It wasn’t then TRAM flap op, I’m sorry, it’s the DIEP flap that I’ve been offered, which is probably best option.

I ended up having to have minor surgery Having two nails punctured and drained of toxic, noxious pus! So typing is bit slow today lol.

I’m looking forward to making a definite decision about surgery. My potential op date is 19th march.
Talk soon
Take care
Sharon :slight_smile:

Hi girls - I had mx surgery in November - feel great now - all healed and back to normal … have chemo ahead though - start date unknown but in around 2 weeks! I wasn’t able to have a reconstruction at the time but can have it in 12 months time - from stomach they say.

I only had 1 night in hospital - so good to get home even though I had the drain - you soon get used to it.

Hey Kiwi Coxy - are you a fellow NZer??

Hi Sharon

Great news about the radiotherapy. The punctured nail thing sounds awful, I bet that was blooming painful. When will you know for definate if your date will be 19th Mar?

Hi Kiwijan

How strange have two kiwi usernames! I notice on your profile that its your second time with breast cancer as well. I had a 10mm invasive cancer in my right breast in 1999 aged 38. Had lumpectomy then further op to remove lymphs then rads and Tamoxifen for 5-6yrs. The latest DX came as a real shock after so long without although this one is different to last time.

How are you feeling about chemo?


Hi Lemoncake,

I’m due to have a mastectomy of the left breast and left lymph node clearance on 2 Feb 12. Like you, I need a hand to hold, as I’m scared of what it will be like to wake up after the op minus a boob. The thought of an op doesn’t bother me it’s what I see afterwards. I have every confidence in my breast team for the practical side of things but they can’t tell me what it will feel like emotionally. Shall we hold hands together and with anyone else in the same boat. Thinking about you all, Helen aka Scaredy Cat.

Hi Lemoncake

Well I can’t deny I am VERY scared of the chemo - the hair loss and tiredness I can cope with but not the nausea/vomiting side of it but I’m trying not to think about it too much - have my appointment next Tuesday and I think some tests on Thursday so reckon I’ll be starting the week after.

I was 43 when first diagnosed and thought everything was fine after lumpectomy and rads and Tamoxifen but 16 years later the bugger is back!! I was a borderline case for chemo but have decided to take the onc’s recommendation of doing it - people say I’ve brave, but I don’t feel it inside!!

If there’s anything you or Scaredycat want to know about the mx op just ask away!


Hi All

I’m booked in for a mastectomy on 13 Feb and am pretty nervous about it for all the obvious reasons. The doctor said I will probably have chemo and rads after. (Also got a CT scan this Friday to look for possible spread).

Anyway just wanted to say good luck to all and I’m happy to take part in any hand holding going on.


Hi pink buddies,

yes i expect you are all scared waiting for your ops, what you will look like like after, i went through the same anxious time.

My surgeon tried to preserve my breast op number 3 was mastectomy no reconstruction as all margins affected. 6 weeks forward doing well
like you all will, how i feel after seeing myself very upset at its lost, shocked how it looks, still few tears when i go to bed,
in time i am hoping to embrace the new me.
I hope ladies in time you would rather have longer time with your families than having a time bomb (boob)

My advise is to look for mastectomy bra before op for your self esteem made me feel better, some lovely lacy ones,
we can still look good not all is lost.

I find taking Manuka honey +10 or 15 has helped with sickness
i wish you all well with your forthcoming ops.

Keep pecker up Pat xx

Hi perhaps i can join you? I have my last chemo this wednesday and then mx on 2nd march. I have been advised not to have recon or an expander fitted at this stage. I have already had slnb and had 1 of the 2 nodes affected with macromets so i am having full anc as well. Not looking forward to it at all but obviously it has to be.

Teresa x

Hi ladies it seems since my last post we’ve got ourselves a little support network. This forum is great to,get a different perspective on what we are all going through.
Kiwijan - I am British but spent 5 years in NZ. We lived in the Rangitikei and loved it. Glad we are home near family and friends for support. Where in NZ are you from?

Typing very difficult so won’t add much else except to say that I find it difficult when people tell me I am brave. It’s a hard label to live up to, when all I’m doing is what I have to do in order to have best chance of survival. We don’t really have much choice do we girls xxx
Sharon xx

Hi Ladies welcome to the post

How wonderful - we have got quite a group gathering - now I don’t feel so alone.

Its scary stuff this op business isn’t it? I’ve got another 2wks and 5days left and I desparately want to get there to get the cancer out of me but I’m so scared at the same time.

What did you ladies who have already had a mastectomy do about bras? Info from my PS says to wear high impact sports bras for 6wks, I have been looking but a lot of them seem to have an extra bit at the back so you would have to put them over your head to get them on and then do them up with the usual hooks as well. I presume it would be a problem getting it over your head post op? I was thinking a do up at the front would be best but can’t seem to find one.

Take Care
Sandra aka Lemoncake

Hi Sandra,

I have put for you below the link to BCC’s publication Your operation and Recovery, I hope you find it helpful. With regard to bra’s, I’m sure the ladies here will give you some good information but you can always give the helpline here a ring and have a chat with the staff.


Hope all this helps. Take care
Jo, Facilitator