Thanks for asking that Sandra, I’m having bilateral MX I guess my BCN will discuss bras sizes etc. there is a thread on here called top tips for MX which has been an interesting and informative read. Front fastening bras seem logically easier, it’s just where to go to get one.
By the way my date for my op will be confirmed on 24 February. The 19th March is the day after my birthday so hubby said he’d buy me 2 shiny gift bows to stick on my new boobs!!! Little does he know, he’ll be going nowhere near them!
Have you had a choice as to size and shape of reconstruction?
I will be glad to get off the nuke juice express but the next episode is daunting, even though I too need the cancer cutting out of me, hate the thought I still have it there albeit much smaller.
Keep smiling xxx

Thanks Jo
Great publication. My BCN gave me a copy of this to read xx

Brilliant - thanks for that Jo.

Sharon - at the moment the good side is a C and the BC side is a B (all B’s and C’s!). I think the smaller side is because it previously got nuked with the radiotherapy, so the new one will match the C side. What about you?


I really don’t know yet. Think I am lagging behind in the advice given, as still have chemo to finish. It seems like information is revealed little by little. I expect that I will learn much from following yours and others progress on here, so I will hold all your hands and watch and learn as I go. Xxxx
Big hugs xx

But current brast size is B/C depending on type of bra and shop it came from. Not been officially measured yet?!

Hi Sandra and everyone else too,

Too right it’s scary stuff. I’ve 4 days to do for mine.

After spending many hours ‘surfing the net’ I found the following web site from which I bought a post op bra.


I hope this of help. Thinking about you all.

Lots of hugs.

Helen aka Scaredy Cat xxxx

Hi girls - after my MX I went to good old M&S and got a proper bra fitting cos as Kiwi Coxy says bra shapes change depending on what shop you buy from. They also have a huge range to choose from including the front opening and post-surgery bras - expensive though even when they take the VAT off! I wish you all luck with your surgery and ask away if you want any first-hand info!

Kiwi Coxy - I was born in Rotorua but spent most of my life in Auckland. We were planning a trip home this March but have had to put that on hold due to the upcoming chemo. I find out this Tuesday what regime I’ll be doing - all I know for now is that I’m having 9 weeks of AC - short and sharp - but I am SO scared of the sickness side of things - how did you all copy - was it really bad?

Love to all.


Lemoncake et al - if you look on page 177 of “Starting Chemotherapy in August” we got together lists of things that might help you when having your operation.
I hope it helps.


Evening all,

Have you all had a nice weekend? Mine was ok although I felt a bit emotional yesterday as every time I tried to find out the date for my mx/recon since dx I was told it would be before 29/1 when really I’ve got another 2wks 4days to wait. It should have been done by now - stamping of foot.

Thanks for that website suggestion Helen, I will have a look. I love your picture. What is your cats name - hopefully not scaredy cat! Is it a boy or girl. I’ve got a tom called Finlay who is trying to settle on my lap while I’m typing this.
Good luck for Thursday in case you don’t come on here again before then. Let us know how you get on.

Kiwijan - good luck to you with your appt on Tuesday.

Cackles - great list thanks for that.

Hugs to you all

Hi Sandra (Lemoncake),

The picture of the cat is Max. Unfortunately, he died 12 yrs ago. We used to call hime Mad Max as he was a real character. Too adventurous for his own good sometimes. I’ve got a little rescue cat, now, from the RSPCA called Pixie and she’s lovely.

Thank you for your good wishes for Thursday. It’s really appreciated. I must admit I’m really scared. Not of having an op but of what it’s going to be like afterwards. I don’t have anyone at home who can give me any moral support and my family are scattered around the country. I’ve a couple of friends who have been absolutely brilliant but they can’t be here during the early hours of the morning which when I feel it most.

Anyway, enough of my miseries. I hope your op, too, goes well as it’s only 2 wks after mine. Will let you know how I get on. After they discharge me from hospital I’m going to go and have 2 wks at a convalescent home. Costing me a fortune but it will be worth it to just be looked and spoilt after for a while.

Lots of love to everyone,

Helen (aka Scaredy Cat)

Hi everyone

just to say Im having mx with immediate recon (implant) on feb 2nd- so would love to hand hold with all of you :slight_smile:

I’m trying to relax this week, though I have a last appointment with consultant this afternoon - so hoping there will be no new news or changes to what’s happening. I went for biopsy of my ‘healthy breast’ last week (because of concerns after MRI scan) however the doctor couldn’t find anything to biopsy! Hopefully that means my right breast can be left alone… I don’t want to make anymore decisions at the moment!!

love to all x

Hi there

I had a breast reduction on Jan 12th to even things up and at the same time I had a small excision from my scar on the bad side as the new surgeon wasn’t happy with it. It turns out it was a recurrence of the tumour I had removed 5 years ago. I’ve got to go back on 13th Feb (exactly 5 years to the day after original surgery)to have more tissue removed to ensure margins are good enough and they are going to use a flap from my back to fill in as the site is right under my breast just above the fold and a mastectomy would not be the right treatment in this case. I’m waiting for a CT scan on Monday and will see the surgeon some time next weeek as well to find out what he is going to do. The BC nurse said there was no point in talking to him last week as I was in shock and wouldn’t take it all in. I’ve already had chemo, rads, Tamoxifen (they’ve taken me off it now and will probably give me something else after surgery). I’ve sort of resigned myself to having more chemo so it will be a nice surprise if I don’t need it. Anyway I digress. I’m happy to be a virtual hand holder too. I got through it last time and I’m determined to get through it again.

Hi Ladies
I am due to have Mx with recon next tues 7th feb. I’ve already had x2 WLE and chemo so this is the last hurdle for me (apart from Herceptin and tamoxifen!)I will be having a DL flap from my back, it is a 5 hour op then 5 days in hospital. As you can imagine I am terrified, more so for the anesthetic I think and the thought I will be under for so long!
Have not really thought about post op yet I think I’ll just take it as it comes!
I’ll let you know how it goes and if you have any words of wisdom I’d appreciate it.


Dearest Janeruth I am so glad you are out of the dark chemo path. I do hope all goes well for your surgery.

I saw the consultant yesterday and my right breast is definitely OK- which is great. I have been running around getting bras - got some Genie ones which had been recommended, and I have to say I wish I had found them earlier - they are are really comfortable!

Also the consultant advised me to get a ‘bottle holder belt’ that joggers use, to hold the drain bottle. So out I rushed today and found one in JJB sports for £4.99, I’m hoping it will be the right size but I’m taking some scissors and velcro with me just in case. Since I use a stick or crutches (for another health issue) the consultant thought they might keep me in longer if I didn’t have something secure to hold the bottle. So fingers crossed I am hoping this works- I want to get home ASAP.

Sitting down now for a well earned rest! Im feeling quite calm at the moment, though I have no idea how I will feel tomorrow morning!

I have just a few more things to do before I go the hospital at 8.30am tomorrow. It looks like it will be a long day, I don’t expect surgery until the afternoon and OH has been told not to expect me on the ward until 8.30pm.

Good luck to everyone with tests and surgery coming up, hope all goes well.

Hi all,

Good luck again for tomorrow Helen, enjoy the rest at the convalescent home.

Also good luck for your op tomorrow shubuu I hope you don’t have to wait around too long to go to theatre.

Jane - how frustrating for you having to now go through a mastectomy after already having 2 WLEs. I had a WLE back in 1999 but have now got a further primary in the same breast so will have a mx in 2 wks with immediate tram recon, not looking forward to that much.

Hi Ollie, welcome to this thread. What made the surgeon suspicious about the scar, its a good job he was isn’t it, although devastating news for you. Do you know what grade it is?

Take care

Hi Sandra

I had a haematoma/ulcer in the scar area in 2009 which was treated by the surgeon by cutting into the scar,draining it and having it packed and dressed until it stopped leaking. I had a biopsy which came back as normal tissue. It took 6 months altogether but the wound never completely healed over and I was left with a little hole. I can’t remember who it was that told me (I think it was a nurse)it could take a long time because I had had rads and iradiated tissue can take a long time to heal. I was seeing the breast practicioner and the oncologist all the way through and no-one expressed any concern and as everthing else seemed OK I chose not to worry about it. It came as a bolt from the blue when I went back last week and got told I had a recurrence. On the plus side I know they have taken it all away so I am not scared that it is still growing inside me but I’ve got to have more surgery to secure margins and I’m having a CT scan next week to check that there has been no spread. Keeping my fingers and everthing else crossed. I suppose I am just unlucky but I do feel a bit cheated after taking all the c**p to hopefully prevent it coming back.

All the best to everyone else waiting for treatment in the next few weeks.


Oh and its grade 2 like the original tumour but I did have one node positive out of 7.


Oh Ollie that must have been a real shock for you and yes I can imagine you must feel cheated especially to have got to the 5yr mark and then this happen. Good luck with the CT scan next week. When will you know the results?

I had one just over two weeks ago but I haven’t heard anything, I don’t think I will really as it was to check on the state of my veins after rads 12/13yrs ago before my recon in 2 weeks so I suppose no news is good news in that respect.

Take Care