February 2024 chemo starters

Blimey! You lot have certainly done your homework where non-alcoholic alternatives are concerned! I like you all even more now. :rofl:

@kartoffel I will DM you my number. It would be great to meet you all, it really would.

@naughty_boob This GABA spirit looks most interesting. I may have to try that. This could be revolutionary as my hangovers are beyond awful these days. Love that you have done the most homework out of everyone. But then you are a teacher!

@tinatin Good to hear from you. I was starting to worry. I’m so glad your body has managed to recover from a chest infection and that the tumour is shrinking. I will keep everything crossed for your Dad’s biopsy today. It must be such a worry.

I am also organising a college reunion for next year and told everyone in advance that I will be sporting a fantastic wig and not to point and laugh. The immediate response was ‘We are SO going to laugh at your wig!’. We were drama students so spent a lot of time in wigs and costumes and I would expect nothing else from that lot. It was exactly what I needed to hear, to be honest. When I went to a party the weekend before last, someone immediately came up to me and hugged me before I could ask everyone not to hug and kiss me and she knocked off my hat which was attached to my wig. I saw everyone’s faces as I grabbed hold of it all. It would have been most awkward if she had pulled it right off. To make her feel better I said, “Ooh, you almost pulled my wig off!” to address that great big elephant in the room, to which she replied “I can tell it’s a wig, darling”. :flushed: She is not known for her tact.

@kitty77 - Yep, no brows, barely any eyelashes and the ones I have are so fair that you can’t see them anyway, and what I would give for a fuzzy tennis ball head!


I’d thought I would share a snap of my hair growing back - just to clarify this is my scalp, don’t want to offend anyone as it does look a little bit ‘short and curly’ :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Can you see the tennis ball likeness? Quite fitting as Wimbledon is on the way :smile::tennis::strawberry:


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On the non-alcoholic drinks I can recommend these too,

They do a full range of alcohol free spirits and they are quite good :+1:t2:.

We’ve tried the Bourbon and a couple of others - my hubby likes a Jack Daniels and this is a good alternative.

The Italian spritz is an Aperol alternative I combine it with Nosecco for an alcohol free Aperol Spritz :clinking_glasses:.


Morning Ladies

My liver bloods are ok this time so I am having my last chemo this afternoon :partying_face: hopefully side effects will be manageable but even if they’re rough I’ll take encouragement and motivation knowing it’s the last time!!



oh amazing, hope it all goes well for you. iv got my last one on 25th June. so nice to be coming to the end of this part of treatment isn’t it? xxx

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@kitty77 :rofl: Thanks for clarifying!! I’m so happy for you and I can’t wait to be in the same boat. Steer clear of Wimbledon! :rofl: Congrats on your last chemo this afternoon. I feel quite emotional typing that.

@jcovi Isn’t it just the best feeling to be counting down those days until the end of chemo. I actually cheered this morning when my notifications came through of my last appointments booked for 4th July.


@salbert oh its such a good feeling isn’t it. Chemo seemed so daunting when it was first suggested, but now there is an end in sight.

Think it may have been you who suggested the very good idea of a chilled bottle of champagne in the fridge for the end of chemo. I’m going to get mine in this week :champagne:

Hope everyone else doing ok and those who’ve been poorly recently are feeling better . xxx


Thanks ladies.

@kartoffel i’ll send you a message with my phone number so we can get that What’s App up and running but I’ll still be posting on here on checking in on those if you still on your chemo


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@jcovi No, it wasn’t me, I just jumped on the bandwagon and got a bottle in to keep up with this bunch of alcies! I get FOMO. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@kitty77 Nice one. It’s a bit lonely in our WhatsApp group at the moment. We need more phone numbers!

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@salbert what a reunion story! Some people are just like that, but I’m sure you had a great night despite this hiccup!

My team at work are also organising a big team social / cancer fundraiser in July so I may grace it with my appearance too. Given that I haven’t worked for months, I’m not sure how bad / good I want to look, don’t want them to get the wrong ideas haha, I’m quite enjoying this little break. I’ve started getting into adult LEGO sets which may get dangerous in the future.

My father is doing well, that’s for asking. He’s recovering well from his biopsy (it’s a full-blown operation for prostate, quite different from a breast biopsy) and he still needs to wait for 3 weeks for the results. He told me that his uncle (the brother of his mother) died of prostate cancer at the age of 45 which I didn’t know, but now I can trace the BRCA1 gene better through my family tree (which also expands the list of people who I may need to tell it at some point…)

I’m late to comment in this group and I hope you don’t mind me joining, I’ve read the forum chats and it reassures me when I can relate to other peoples side effects and feelings that I’m not alone. You have all been very supportive to one another.

I was diagnosed with TNBC grade 3 in January, starting in February my treatment plan was 12 wks of paclitaxel and Carboplatin, then 4 rounds of EC every 3 wks, along with immuno (Pembrolizium) every 3 wks.
I’ve had 2 severe reactions to chemo, first to paclitaxel, then 7 rounds in I reacted to Carboplatin. Both were awful, but I got through it.

I’ve had 2 rounds of EC so far, my last round was 10 days ago and I still feel exhausted from it. My last bloods showed I have an overactive thyroid, maybe that’s why I still feel so tired. I recovered fairly well in the first 12 weeks, but this one is tough!
I hope everyone else is doing ok x


Hello @yd358 I’m so glad you’ve joined us. Being late to the party just means there are more people to welcome you. :smile:

Sounds like you have had a rough ride. I’m so glad you have finished chemo. Cake and dancing as soon as you have recovered enough.

I had Paclitaxel no. 8 yesterday so just 4 to go.

If you fancy it then DM your number to @kartoffel as we have a WhatsApp group going too. We are a great bunch even if I do say so myself!!

Happy Friday everyone



Hi, I’ve also been following the forum but never posted, i feel like o know some of you. Im on a similar journey to you, except the other way round, i have 4 rounds of EC first and now on 4th week of Paclitaxel, plus Phesgo every thrre weeks. I had two weeks of exhaustion after each EC, but the third eeek was always much better. Im struggling with the diarrhoea with the Pacli and food tastes either strange or bland and trying to stick to low fibre foods is difficult, at least on EC i coyld eat anything. I have 8 more weekly infusions and it seems like its such a long time til the end. My bloods are deteriorating slowly each time so not sure i will get to the end without a break.


Hi Everyone,

I have been following for a while and also joining the party late. I am a few weeks behind you, after 4 EC and 5 paclitaxel, number 6 on Monday so another 6 left. Also having phesgo every 3 weeks, then mastectomy, then likely to stop phesgo for 14 Kadcyla, letrozole, zolodex…and something else. Triple positive seems to be the longest treatment. Unfortunately I have had no response to EC, and hoping paclitaxel and phesgo are working. I have a breast MRI on Monday so fingers crossed.

It’s been a tough ride so far, and you Feb bunch have been an amazing support, you are all so positive and strong!

I am also following the HER2 trail and will try to post there, especially as most of you will have finished their treatment way before ours.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend and chemo going ok.

Take care


Hi @pennyp and @marionse25 and WELCOME! Never too late to join in. This is a fab thread of wonderful people. We hear you re the diarrhoea, the total lack of taste buds, the deteriorating bloods and the longevity of it all. It ain’t for the faint hearted, that’s for sure.

I think one of the best things about this thread for me is that we’ve all managed to find some humour through it all and keep each other going even when the going is tough.

The HER2 thread will possibly be going for years!! Now I’ve been told I’ll be having Zometa for 3 years I figure I’ll be there for the duration. Feel free to jump on there too because it’s good to hear from the HER2 girls who are further on in the journey.

On a completely different note, I was supposed to have a FaceTime tonight as I thought I had found a rescue dog. We had a lovely chat on Wednesday and the bugger has blown me out! He won’t answer my texts and he has just let his phone go to voicemail. Ah well…it’s not to be. I shall be going to West Wittering next weekend after all.

Also, today I was given my mastectomy date for 7th August. So in exactly 2 months I shall have a lovely drain hanging out my right hand side again. So much to look forward to! :smiley:



Thanks @salbert. It really helps to hear peoples stories, good and bad - we are not alone on this journey.
Sorry to hear about being let down by little dog owner. The perfect pup is out there somewhere. Im feeling a bit better mentally today as granddaughter coming to visit and she is a delight and the sun is shining ( sort of).


Hi @salbert

Thank you! Such a long journey especially for us HER2+ people.

Great that you have an operation date. I have been told there would be 4-6 weeks between my chemo and my mastectomy. My oncologist at the Marsden is very disorganised and I am getting a second opinion next week. In any case I will ask for another oncologist as she is awful, always very late or not turning up, and she changes her mind at last minute. I am her guinea pig. Had no response to EC but it is not usually given to triple positives… Let’s hope paclitaxel and phesgo are doing something. I should have the results of today’s MRI in 2 days.

6th paclitaxel done today, 6 to go. I will finish end of July so should have a break all August, beside Phesgo injections.

Sorry to hear about the dog, I am sure one is waiting for you. I am still working hard to convince my stray cat to adopt us. Slow progress but getting there bit by bit.

Hope tou have a good week.

Big hugs


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Hi @marionse25 Are you at Sutton or London Marsden? Sorry to hear you have had trouble. My team at Marsden are absolutely brilliant but then I’d had trouble at the previous hospital I was at, so I switched. I’m due to finish chemo on 4th July and have my mastectomy booked for 7th August so that I would get a clear month of recovery. I would definitely get a second opinion if you are not happy. It was the best thing I could have done and my whole outlook changed the minute I was confident in my team. One of my problems with my previous consultant was his perpetual lateness which he was known for amongst his colleagues too. It’s not ok to delay the morning’s operations and everyone involved in them because you cannot turn up on time. I am always so impressed and grateful for the good timekeeping that I am now experiencing at Marsden so I fully understand. It’s hard to be kept waiting every time as it exacerbates the anxiety.

Let us know how you do with your next set of results. It sure is a long old haul.

I cannot believe that I am working from home wearing jumpers, jeans, fleecy socks and a woolly hat STILL! It’s 11th June. Come on, British summertime…give us a break. :pray:t4:

Hi @salbert

I am at RM in London, doing chemo at their Cavendish square day unit, then scans in various places. I went to Sutton once, which is closer to where I live but not practical by public transport.

Just been invited to see my surgeon on 30 July. I should have an operation date then. He also asked for a mammogram and a MRI before I see him. I queries the need for a mammogram as I have dense breast and 2 of my tumours would not show. Same rthing with the US. Really I don’t need more pain at the moment.

Cant wait for the MRi results tomorrow. Let’s hope my unreliable oncologist is not 4 hours late again, or even does not turn up. She is a real nightmare. She also has the lovely habit of delegating difficult messages to my BCN, which I receive on Friday to spoil my weekend. Amazing what we have to endure. Today I have had to juggle with yet again booking admin and making several phone calls. Why are departmwnts in hospital not talking to each other or checking patient schedules? I am working full time in a busy role and really it is adding to my workload and poor mental health.

Anyway computer switched off for today, and it is going to be fish and chips for dinner, which will taste like cardboard but will look nice… wearing a beanie as my skull is cold! When is Spring coming indeed!

Have a peaceful evening

Big hugs


That’s not good @marionse25, I pray for some good results for you and some peace of mind.

Fish and chips dinner and a beanie hat sounds suspiciously like my life at present! I was told this morning that it was good to stay off the carbs when going through cancer treatment but I have decided with everything else I am enduring, carb denial was one step too far. Nooooo…not my carbs. Spare me my lovely carbs!!