FEC and Herceptin

Hi ladies. I am confused! My first FEC is due on 7th May. I thought(?) that becausheart the effect on the heart, herceptin was not given with FEC. However, my appointment is booked for both. Is anyone else having the two together? JxxJxx

Hi Jivey

This may be something you might like to talk to our helpline about. 0808 800 6000.

Good luck with the rest of your treatment

best wishes


Hi Jivey,

My oncology registrar originally prescribed FEC x 6 followed by 18 x Herceptin to follow on. The chief oncolgist changed this before I started to Taxotere/Carboplatin with Herceptin at the same time (TCH) because of the effects on my heart (even though there is nothing wrong with my heart). I have never heard of anyone having FEC and herceptin at the same time.

If I were you I would query it with your oncologist, just to put your mind at rest. I have always been told that (a) FEC and Herceptin together are too harsh on the heart, and (b) Herceptin works better with one of the Taxane drugs like Taxotere.


Hi Jivey,

I had 3 Tax with Herceptin, followed by 3 FEC (on its own) then a loading dose of Herceptin followed by another 13 (17 in total). Like Lola, I would question the treatment as I was told that H could not be given with FEC as it is too great a risk for your heart even with a good result from scans.

Good luck with the rest of your treatment.

Take care, Liz.

Hello Jivey, similar to Liz I’m having 3 x FEC followed by 3 x Tax + Herceptin with the herceptin then following on for a further 15 weeks. Yes my understanding was the same as you, that because both the Epirubicin and Herceptin can cause damage to the heart muscle, they are not given together. I’d suggest you ask your oncologist for clarification, or get in touch with your BCN to check. I’m sure they won’t mind at all going through it with you again.

Are you having a heart scan?
I also think that if we’re not happy about things, or think that things aren’t right we should be able to ask for them to be checked. After all the reason why they have protocols and checklists and things is because its so important to get them right!

Hi Liz
thank you for you comments. My chemo I regime is the same as yours, although it seems opposite to a lot of the other ladies. Did you find FEC ok, I am aboto so start it and have been led to believev that the side effects are worse. I have suffered quite a lot with Tax and have just left hospital after having neutropenia. I feel really low at the moment and am dreading my next chemo.
i hope you are ok.

Hi Jivey,

Quite a lot of people get neutropenia, often on the first cycle, and it seems their regime gets tweaked in one way or another to try to avoid it a second time. Some people get the blood boosting injection, some find their doseage gets reduced, and others are given antibiotics to take.
I also was hospitalised for 3 nights with neutropenia. It’s frightenening, isn’t it! I have just had my bloods taken ready for an appointment with my onco tomorrow morning, followed by cycle 2. I am expecting to be given the injection, or one of the other options.

Good luck with your next cycle xxx

Hi Lola,
thank you. Yes, it was scarey as I had not heard of it before. I had two injections in hospital and they said I will probably have to have it after each chemo now. I am also on antibiotics. I am seeing my Oncologist on Friday.
Good luck with your appointment and I hope your second cycle goes ok.
Best wishes
Jane x

Blimey Jane, I can’t believe you had never heard of neutropenia! It is splashed all over every bit of information and leaflet I have been given because it can be so dangerous and is a common side effect of chemo. perhaps you just shoved everything away and never read it!!! At least you now know what it is and how vigilant we must be at taking temps and knowing if we feel unwell.

Best wishes and good luck with our next cycle xxxx