Fec and periods

Can anyone tell me their experiences of periods whilst on FEC?
I was diagnosed in July, and my periods stopped almost straight away which the BC nurse put down to anxiety. They started again in October and have been fairly regular but horrifically heavy.
I am about to have FEC number 4/6 and have had really heavy, sore, lumpy breasts for a couple of days - like I used get pre-diagnosis. I’m trying not to worry about the lumpiness - because they seem in the same place on each breast, and I’m sure it’s hormonal swelling, but I assumed I would no longer have periods whilst undergoing chemo. I might ring the nurse tomorrow , but just wondered what others have experienced.

Hi Misty

Well have to say i have had 3 x FEC and 3 x Taxotere and my periods have stayed the whole way through, sometimes a bit heavier, but pretty much as before, and I was surprised cos thought they might stop. But they haven’t.

Hope you are OK and try not to worry too much.

Take care

Hi Misty

I had 3 FEC and 3 Taxotere and at also every 28 days I was given an injection called Zoladex to switch off my ovaries in the hope they may be preserved during chemo although how that is I don’t understand. I had one period at the beginning and then they stopped and I haven’t had any since August and also no signs or symptoms like I used to get. I’m waiting and hoping they come back.

This treatment does peculiar things to our bodies so as Dawn above says try not to worry too much.
Best wishes
Rebz xx

Thanks for your replies. It is so helpful to hear other people’s experiences.
My period started today - so that will explain the soreness a couple of days ago!
Have got FEC number 4 on thursday , so will be seeing onc. I will mention what happened - but I’m not worrying anymore.

Tracey xx