FEC does it get worse the more you have?

Hi just wondering how the FEC chemo affects people. Do you feel worse the more you have?

I have only had one so far , was sick and yukky for about a week after,then got heartburn and then phlebitis in the veins on my chemo arm, lovely.

Best wishes to you all

Hi Sarah

I had 3 lots of FEC and I felt ok on it, I did get a slight burn on the back of my hand after my 3rd but its starting to go. The first week for me on FEC was rubbish but then I could pretty much have a normal 2 weeks in between treatments. It was just the sickness that got me uurrgghhh. I’ve just finished another chemo called Taxotere and the FEC was easier for me.

Take care let us know how you are getting on
Mel x x x

Hi Sarah

I had 3 lots of FEC and 3 lots of Taxotere like Mel above. I remember after the first FEC I just felt sick on the day I had it and then the next day it subsided. I was out and about straightaway but about 4 or 5 days later felt quite fatigued for a few days and then fine again. I suffered from really bad and painful indigestion but I was given medication for that and also constipation for which I was also prescribed various medications. I also had problems with my arm and still do where the chemo went in. It’s quite stiff and sore. Like Mel I also found Taxotere harder as it really wiped me out and made me feel very spaced and odd for about 3-4 days.

Ruby x

Hi Sarah

I have just finished 4 x FEC and found each treatment different accompanied by different side effects - lucky me ! I have not really had any sickness to speak of, just a little nausea. But have had heartburn and palpitations which were very scary, thought I was having a heart attack. Also struggling with the fatigue which usually kicks in about 2 weeks after treatment, think its when my bloods are at the lowest.

Dry, sore eyes, aching bones the list just goes on but even with the side effects as long as you can rest the treatment is doable, I start a course of 4 x Tax in a couple of week and I am not looking forward to this at all as the effects are meant to be more difficult. But hey ho I am now halfway through and still moaning about it.

Good luck sarah - if I can do it so can you

Love Jackiexxxxx

Hi Sarah I had 4 FEC and 3 Taxotere. I was “sick for England” with the first FEC and spent two days in bed, subsequent ones were a doddle but I had told the chemo nurse how sick I’d been and they put me on more sickness tablets so that might be the reason. I felt slightly nauseas with the second and not much with the rest. I was also injecting my stomach for 5 days with each FEC to increase cell production. The first Taxotere produced the same result but also with high fever. Subsequent ones were no problem! It was as though my body thought - oh I’ve had this before! I really was not tired with any of them and just kept going doing what I did normally. Hope that helps.


Hi I have had 3 FEC, 2nd one was the worst, 3rd one I was better prepared I think. I feel yuk for about a week with all the usual symptoms but am surprised at how normal I feel once this wears off. I have my first taxotere on Fri, I really hope it won’t be as bad as FEC, jury seems to be still out on this one.

Hi, I had 4x fec - and the only bad time I had was the night after I had my first. I had the mother of all hangovers -lord knows how I made it to the bathroom! I was fine with the other three apart from the usual mouth ulcers.I wasn’t even nauseus!

Hi Sarah

The first one wasn’t too bad - had a mild migraine for a few days, felt nauseous, then felt better for a week and then the third week I was less good with a mild sore throat.

No on day 17 cycle 2. Same thing excpet migrinae was really horrid and i was very sick on day 1, got better again and had another good second week and then day 16 I started to go downhill again. Rested ALL DAY yesterday and now much better today.

If I’m lucky cycle 3 (Monday) will be like cycle 1 - really hope its not worse than cycle 2! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!

Will let you know

good luck anyway
FixBix xxx

For anyone reading this thread …

FEC 1 was was OK for me

FEC 2 was horrid

Just had FEC 3 - going far better than last time already. I made the folowing changes which may have been contributing factors …

My treatment is on Monday morning.
This time ate 2 proper lunch and dinners on SATURDAY and very little on Sunday - wasn’t hungry anyway after all that food.
On Sunday dranks lots of water, tea, coffee with minimal grazing during day.
On Monday had tiny breakfast with water.
Then drank a lot of water immediately after treatment and all afternoon.

Now am having a preventative Primperon half an hour before each meal. No liquids 30 minutes before, during or 30 minutes after meal - except a sip of water.
Changed from dexamewhatever liquid to capsules.

Lots of drinking in between meals with no snacking.

Far better and will do the same next time - think I got blazee with FEC 2 as FEC 1 was not really a big deal.

Hope someone finds this helpful

Lots of love
FizBix xxx

Hi Sarah

I’m interested to read these replies too, as I’ve just had my first FEC (Thurs 21st), and have heard it can get tougher with each subsequent hit.

So far I’ve had nausea & fatigue which is to be expected. My main gripe is having really nasty breast pain, bone aches and hideous heartburn (it rivals late pregnancy)

I’m on day 5 today, and definitely feel better than yesterday, but am being run ragged by my two little ones (2 & 6 months), who like to play not sleep!

Hope to catch up again, Rebecca x