Hi All


I’m about to have my 3rd round of FEC on the 24th April, and then it will change to FEC-T after that for 3 more sessions.


Has anyone else had any experience of these drugs at all, and how it made them feel?


I was sick 3 times after my first session of FEC, and then was changed to Emed (can’t remember the proper spelling, but you get which one I mean - I hope!) at the start of my 2nd lot - while I still felt as though I was going to be sick, I wasn’t, so I didn’t feel quite as wiped out as I did after my first one. But, I am starting to get a bit worried, as I’ve heard that the T part of the FEC-T is terrible.


I know this is mainly a thread about FEC/FEC-T but I will also add that after about 2 weeks of having my first session, my hair started to come out thick and fast - this was AFTER trying the Ice Cap treatment - so while it works for some, it doesn’t appear to work for all. So I’ve shaved my hair off - got sick of unblocking the shower, picking it up off the floor, worrying about it going in food!! While it is slowly coming out still, with the shorter hairs, its slightly easier - I’ve also noticed that the hair on my legs is slowly coming out now, its patchy - has anyone just shaved their legs and got rid of it (I know I should really, but I was looking forward to not having to shave again for a while - already don’t have to worry about my armpits - its great :slight_smile: )


Hope someone can answer my ramblings - thanks very much all xxx

Hi Betty

the link below is specific to Taxotere… the side effects seems very similar to all the others…I guess we have no choice but to ride the storm… I always think this is my journey and take it as it comes…rather than listen to others horror stories…I am on 2nd FEC…of 3 before starting the 3 X T & herceptin.




I hope we both fare well xx

Hi Bettymoo…I am 21 months post end of chemo (FEC-T). As the chemo effects tend to be cumulative, and everyone reacts differently - no-one can predict what side effects you personally will have. The ‘changeover’ from FEC to Docetaxol/Taxotere (T) tends to be a tough time as our bodies are dealing with one chemo combination only to be ‘hit’ by a new one! Usual side effects of both are different varying from nausea/sickness on FEC to bone pain on TAX. Some people react better to FEC; others to TAX. Although not a diary person, keeping one through treatment was particularly helpful. I used it to remind myself about medications, side effects, how I felt, what I did/took to make me feel better, plan treats (even simple ones like going out for lunch, painting my nails, walking etc.). It was particularly helpful for FEC2 and TAX2 as I knew roughly what to expect and how to pre-empt. It’s hard not to overthink/worry about the treatment, so if you can try and ‘live in the moment’ and deal with each day as it comes…challenging I know but it does help not to focus on the ‘what ifs’. I started chemo in March 2012 so a similar timescale to you…I still have visions of the bald, fat alien I became trying to squidge into my Mother of the Bride outfit in the August and ditching the false eyelashes that looked like caterpillars!..my daughter said I looked beautiful :slight_smile: Hope some of that helps…all the best for the rest of your treatment…you take care and be kind to yourself…xx

Hi Bettymoo. My doc gives Tax first before FEC, so I’ve had 2 rounds of Tax so far and got next one this week. So far, I’ve been fine on it. Had constipation for a few days afterwards, but doc said this probably due to Ondanestron drug rather than chemo. Had been warned of possible bone pain and pins/needles, but (touch wood) not had any of this. Have an injection in my tummy the day after chemo which is supposed to help with onset of bone pain. From what I can read on the March forum, FEC sounds much worse - I haven’t felt sick on Tax at all. Lost all my hair within 3 weeks of first round.