FEC-T and severe pins and needles


 can anyone offer some advise as I’m getting quite panicky I had my 4 th chemo last Thursday it was the first part of the T regime after experiencing joint pain and muscle pain like nothing I’ve had before (I will never complain of a bad back again !) I’ve now experienced severe pins and needles in my left foot to the point I cannot walk properly I spoke to my nurse who just brushed it off saying oh well some people get that it will go at some point after treatment i looked it up neuropathy and quite honesty says I’m doomed and it s permanent HELP! Has anyone else experienced this will it stay at this rate I’m going to need a mobility scooter 



I cannot offer you any help but I did not want to ignore you - I have not started my chemo yet but I will be have 6 rounds of TCH. I am looking for ways to manage any side effects too;