Fec-T & Cold cap

Hi ladies,
I started my first cycle of Fec-T with a cold cap today and tbh I didn’t find it that bad. The first few minutes stung like hell and as my super keen nurse changed it every 30min, I have a few spine chilling moments. A bit of a headache post nap but nothing paracetamol won’t cure. Feeling a bit nauseas but no sickness yet so fingers crossed. In a strange way, I feel relieved to have started, the sooner started the sooner ended.
Thanks for all your brilliant accounts; I can’t help but think the best addition to scalp cooling is an enthusiastic nurse with good advice. But hey I might be losing my hair by hair. Fingers crossed fx


Good luck on trying the cap, I am going to try it soon. My bcn is also very enthusiastic and this does help, however she has also advised me on alternatives incase it just doesn’t work.  


Fingers crossed for you xx