Hi am on FEC-t, just had 2nd treatment, felt awful after both rounds, nausea, headaches, had dose and meds changed for 2nd round but effects are still the same, I’m now getting mouth ulcers, cramping stomachs pains, sleepless nights I am taking omeprazole and gavison.

Was diagnosed in May with grade 3 invasive breast cancer, lumpectomy and lymph node removal, but thankfully none in nodes, as grade 3 had onco type dx test and had high score result of reacurrence, so chemo, radio and hormone.

Anyone have Snyder tips on how to get through chemo 

Hello goldenpony, My top tip is to drink lots of water. I would have at least 2ltrs the day before, day of and day after chemo. By day 11 of each cycle I would usually feel better, though I did get more tired throughout each round. My biggest problem was constipation, so if you think you’re going to go that way then try and keep on top of it with senokot or something similar! Xx

Hi Goldenpony,

so sorry to hear you are struggling. You may wish to join the August starters thread, as the ladies on there are on the same and similar journey to yourself.


Have you spoken to your treatment team to have your medication adjusted again?

You may wish to ask them for Lansoprazole to help with your stomach. It is one capsule, taken daily about 30 minutes before you eat in the morning. My anti sickness drug is Metoclopramide Hydrochloride and I have not suffered from nausea.

There are some tips with regards to mouth ulcers on this thread

forum.breastcancercare.org.uk/t5/Top-tips-and-practical-support/Preparation-for-Chemo/m-p/1036340#U1036340 and I hope something there will make it easier for you.

My diagnosis sounds very similar to yours. I was diagnosed with a lobular invasive, Stage 2b, grade 3, nodes clear in January. My treatment plan is also similar to yours, just instead of having FEC-T I have FEC all the way through and am now looking forward to my last one next Thursday. Then onwards to radiotherapy and hormone treatment.


Sue xx 


Hi Goldenpony,

I had a lot of nausea and vomiting on FEC. In the end I was using 3 different types of meds to try and control this. My “magic three” are

1. levomepromazine

2. Cyclizine

  1. Ondansatron

There are at least 6 different pathways in the body to control nausea so it may be a question of keeping trying news meds and new combos until you get the right ones

I also found I was reacting badly to a drug they were prescribing me initialy for nausea called Metoclopramide and my gut felt a lot better when I stopped taking it. 

Steroids also make me feel awful, in particular Dexamthosome and I use Predisone instead.

Used sea-salt ot tea tree washes for my mouth.

FEC is just horrible and the effects for me were culmulative. I ended up with 4 weekly cycles instead of 3 and still was lucky enough to see good results.