FEC & TAX resistant????

After a couple of doses of FEC my lump shrank to approx 1/3 orig size. By FEC #6 it was starting to grow again, so they tried me on Tax (Docetaxol) but now I’m really worried as there’s lots of swelling & lump feels huge… Drs been really good & scanned me twice last week (due another tomorrow) & said cancer isn’t any bigger, but there is fluid around the area. Dr syringed off some fluid & it looked like blood - but they’re not going to test it or anything - & on ultrasound screen the fluid re-filled very quickly. Now very sore & uncomfortable. Will find out later this week if they want to continue with Tax - that was the plan last week. Just wish they’d done the op earlier. Panicking incase cancer is now FEC & TAX resistant & spreads before they operate. Any advice please?

Hi Zara,

I was dx Dec '07 with a grade 3, triple negative, 3.5cm tumour. My chemo treatment plan was 4x AC/4x Taxotere. After 4x AC my tumour shrank to 2cm, but I had no response on Taxotere - in fact my tumour started growing again. I had surgery 8 weeks ago (mast with immed rec con). When I received the results of my path report, I was completely surprised (and so was my surgeon) that ALL my nodes were completely clear and despite the original poor prognosis and the size of the tumour, the cancer hadn’t spread. It just goes to show how unpredictable BC is and how it can throw up so many surprises - like how small tumours can have a lot of spread to lymph nodes and how some large tumours can have no spread to the lymph nodes. I hope that by telling my story it helps to stop you panicking just yet. Jacqui

Hi doyle

I’m a triple negger too and my luump was close to 5cm with no nodes (they took out 12) - was yours medullary but any chance?

love FB xx

Hi Fizbix,

Oh you have got me thinking now. I’m not sure, my surgeon didn’t say whether my BC was medullary - I have seen you use the term on previous threads and excuse me if I am being ignorant, but what does it mean exactly - I thought I knew more or less everything there was to know what triple neg, but obviously not. Love, Jacqui

Hi Jacqui

Well - as I understand it - it is to do with the type of cancer. There is more than one type of triple negative cancer. It’s just it’s name … Aparently when you cut it in half it looks like the inside of a brain so they call it medullary … that’s it really

love FB xxx

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