Hi, I have had 3 fec and suffered with sickness lov immune and fatigue. have heard therefore the tax will be kinder to me. has anyone else found this. plus the nails,is there something i can buy (besides frozen peas) to help the nails, i heard in some hospitals they supply mits for hands and feet to help, and is it right that the nails dont go til after the treatment? my nails on fec have grown long and strong - are they gonna go really? does anyone have tax and get away from the nail gremlin? plus on no got chemo brain, had another question re tax and its gone from my head.sooo frustrating!oh yes, steriods. i have to take the steriods i had on fec a day before my treatment, 4 in the morn and 4 at tea time, 4 in one go thats excessive isnt it? why do we need steriods what do they do exactly, sorry to ask silly questions :slight_smile: Shar xx

hi there
i had 3 of each and finished a yr ago now
i was told to keep nails painted with dark nailvarnish like purple as they react to the uv light
i didnt lose any but got a yellow tinge to them and deep ridges.
and even now they get to a certain length and split

i too was very sick on fec and stayed in hospital twice for a week at a time
with low bloods and infections
the tax didnt make me sick but exhausted me,i think it all builds up and by number 5 your body is saying enough!
the steroids i think are to stop you having a reaction to the tax? but im not sure
also if you lost your hair it will start to grow back

thank u lincslady- wow my hair will grow back oh im so fed up with being bald tho my wig is great i miss my hair so much - thank u for the reply, did u lose ur eyebrows and lashes with tax? i have some purple varnish so will paint them tomorrow but did u put ur fingers in cold stuff or just do the varnish? thank u again - shar xx

Hi Shar

I had 4xFEC and 4xTax 5 years ago - found the FEC knocked me out for 4 days then rebuild week 2, week 3 good ready to start over again, suffered side effects but nothing unexpected, me and my sister went out walking miles each day on weeks 2/3 to clear my head and build up strength - the tax was different - no effects what so ever until day 4, even managed to eat day of chemo!!! - mainly aching limbs - mouth ulcers, however found the tiredness never recovered between each cycle. I had to stop my walking and had blisters on my feet no matter what I wore, I was nuetrophenic and on anti biotics each cycle - for nails i wore dark varnish (hands and feet)and didnt suffer too badly - however i did start Tax with herceptin and this was before nice guidleines so hardly any advice to work on - I would suggest as much rest as possible and start taking pain relief day 4 - dont be blase like me thinking this was an easy one - steriods are supposed to assist side effects - however some times on the FEC i preferred to be sick to get rid of the feeling rather than pills prolonging it - good luck you will get through it - I have to think about it now XX

Hi Shar, Tax was kinder to me than FEC - the steroids are to calm down any reactions and bad reactions your body has, so definietly follow the regime to the letter - good luck with it,

no i was never told about hands and feet in cold stuff!

i lost my eye brows and lashes by about tax 2, lashes are back although shorter than before but brows are very sparse still.

as the others have said tax seems to floor you more than fec but i just tried to keep in my mind i was over half way through and the end was in sight!!
rest as much as you can and dont over do it when you think you feel ok as you might suffer the next day

oh and get some good books for when your not sleeping on the steroids
thinking of you xx

Thank u all so much for your suppport i do appreciate it, i almost wish was staying on fec cos better the devil u know so to speak~! just had my 4 steriods, i phoned to check as couldnt believe i hd to take 4 in one go! gonna paint my nails later just hope my feet hold up i walk a few miles every day with my dog!she is my medicine and gives me incentive. feel quite sick now, thats what the fec has done, all those anti sicknes tablets now the thought of a tablet makes me gag!! my eyebrows still in tack hopefully they will just thin out maybe… i have thick eyebrows so wil try and hang on for dear life.god, i know that sounds so vain. :slight_smile: Shar xx