Is anyone on Fec100?
I don’t know why some people would be on Fec100 rather than Fec75 but I am getting increasingly frustrated with my oncologist who appears to lie a lot. She has told me noone ever has Fec100. And perhaps it’s not suitable for me for whatever reasons. My question is simply so I can find out whether this is yet another lie and then I can make a decision about whether to try and switch.

Being a complete novice at this I had no idea there were different kinds. Having checked chemo records I too am on FEC 100. Diagnosed 18th March, chemo start 22nd April.

Hi Molliana, I was told that FEC75 was the standard treatment. Your treatment will depend on your diagnosis and pathology report, your oncologist will not want to over treat you and cause additional problems, hope this helps CC x

Hi Molliana…as a perpetual asker of questions, particularly when it came to chemo treatment, I asked my Onc for an explanation of her rationale for my course of treatment FEC75 + T (docetaxol). She explained (I wrote it down!!) that standard treatment for early breast cancer was FEC100…and FEC75 for less fit/lower risk patients. For FEC75 the F part is higher; E part (the most toxic?) lower and C part higher. I was considered ‘low risk’ as node-negative, however as only ER+3 she prescribed T as a ‘belt and braces’ approach as ‘close’ to triple negative. Hope that helps in some way…such a shame you have no faith in your Onc…mine was amazing. Have to say it seems weird going back and reading my diary of 2011/12 as it feels like a lifetime ago…:). All the best for the rest of your treatment…hope it is kind to you…take care M x

Thank you. That is very interesting xx

I have three lumps bigest is 26mm and node biopsy showed small amounts in one of two nodes removed. I am on FEC 100 for three goes and the. Tax for three x

Hi Molliana,
I too am on FEC 100. X