Ive just had the 2nd dose of 4 docetaxel and an finding I am so tired this time and frustrated I ve got things I want to do in the garden but just no energy usually I am able to go back to work at school after a couple of days but just so worn out. Is anyone else the same

Dear Denise

I think everyone feels the same as you. I was on Fec-T, but only had one Tax as it made me so ill. I was in hospital with a temperature of 38.7c and ZERO neutrophils. My onco put me back on fec for last two, but I was still exhausted all the time. When you have had about 4 cycles of chemo (whatever regime you are on) the build up of poisons does take its toll. Be gentle with yourself, let others do the important jobs for you. Good luck for the rest of your treatment.

Big Hugs, Poemsgalore xx

Hi Denise, I’ve only had one dose of Docetaxel (I’m having it before the FEC!) and it wiped me out almost immediately! I work ina school too but couldn’t even contemplate teaching feeling like this! Getting from bed to the sofa is a marathon event! I’d listen to your body and rest, rest and then rest some more! Seriously, it is frustrating, and I’m still new to all this, but I try just to get through one day at a time and not plan ahead too much. Hope you get your energy back soon. Cress x


I had 3 Tax with Herceptin before 3 FEC and, to be honest, I did not notice much difference in energy with the 1st two although I did have dizzy spells after 2nd one as I carried on as normal - a big mistake - but it was in the run-up to Christmas and I wanted everything to be as normal as it could be.

You are probably fortunate that your body is telling you to slow down and you will, more than likely, weather the storm better than us who attempt to carry on regardless.

As PG said it is the final 3 and build-up of toxins which totally floors you. You will get through this, hard as it may seem now.

I finished chemo in Feb 12 and Herceptin in Dec 12 and although it has taken a very long time I feel great now - did the 5K for Cancer Research at the end of May this year. And I am 62 - and a bit!

Hope all goes well for you, take care, Liz.

Thank you all for helping everyone.
I did go into work today just fora couple of hours where they are very supportive and it made me feel a bit better in myself I think I just feel sorry for myself when I have to sit I shouldn’t complain the chemo is working for me really I got an MRI on Tuesday to see what the tumour is up to see what extent surgery will be
wow liz 5k a great achievement well done you
This is so good to talk to others in similar situations xx

Had an app on tues for MRI results its took me a while to let it sink in although reading blogs I can’t complain too much.
I was feeling ok about the tumour shrinking so well and thought a lumpectomy would happen except that they said the original scan had two more small lumps as well as lymph nodes involvement so have to have mx and reconstruction. I suppose the good thing is they are going to do it at same time. Clever stuff really using muscle from back But very strange! Been strong so far but today have just been so tearful I think everything’s sunk in What a pain this cancer is. It causes so much trouble. Cant sleep properly. Hate all tiredness. Good job for a supportive OH.
Sorry feeling sorry for myself just had third docetaxel one more left to go.
I liked your poem Kath on feb val couldn’t seem to write on there not got hang of how it all works yet.
Good news last weekend had organised an afternoon strawberry tea with my sister. people were so generous we raised £1000 plus For bcc . we had a lovely time lots of cake scones and clotted cream and games

Hi, I’m on Docetaxel and Fec - had my first chemo 3 weeks ago and I’ve just been feeling fatigued all the time. It’s very frustrating and I’m not looking forward to the next session:( . Seems like this is ‘normal’. I guess we just have to be kind to ourselves and make sure we rest as much as we feel we need to. Our bodies are going through a lot!

Congratulations Denise on the strawberry tea!

Thanks helm. It’s just getting used to how much you can do without getting too tired and like you say we have to listen to our body . One more to go for me and just getting that message loud and clear its taken me a while as I am normally so active it has been difficult just sitting in a body that can’t but a brain that wants to. I on a better week at moment so have been able to do a few things around the house that I want to.
goodluck on your next one hope its not too unkind to yyou best wishes D

Hi I have just received my 3rd round of chemotherapy. I found it just as horrific as the other 2. Had out of hours. Doctor in last night. On the 2nd round was admitted. To hospital for 4 days. Keep being told that I’m on such a strong dose due to the. Fact that not all my lynph nodes could be cleared. But I keep reading that many others are just feeling tired. I wish. 

Constant nausea, gagging. Stomach. Spasms. Constipation bloated and very sore tummy.  very blistered mouth/tongue. Taking all different meds. 

Has anyone else suffered.

Has anyone not taken anti sickness I took them with my first cycle but just had second and really hate taken tablets it’s my second day after my second cycle of fect
And have felt slightly nauseous but controlling it with ginger do I have to continue with tablets

Lorayne your on an old thread.but will tell you antisick tablets made me feel sicker so I kept them to a minimum…take are sharonx

Am given a very strong anti sickness an hour before the chemo…so far on them i’ve just had nausea and horrible gnawey stomach which means no sleep and feel horrible but no actual sickness.i didnt drink so much water this time which i know youre supposed to but found i was just retching all the time with the sheer amount of fluid in my stomach.my mouth was terrible last month but touch wood better now i’m using dry mouth pastilles, drops something like nastyn and gelclair.having teeth trouble…lost a filling and had to replace it and others will probably go i think which is expensive.good luck and love to you.xx

I never went through such situation but then thanks for letting me in and sharing your experience.