Fed Up

Hello, I’ve been lurking a few weeks as I found an indent that pulls in when I lean forward. I cannot feel a lump and neither could my Dr when I went last week but he referred me to the clinic under the two week rule. They phoned two days later and made me an appt for 9.30 on the 1st Dec. I thought I was doing well taking all the advice I’ve read on other posts, keeping myself busy etc and not worrying until I came home to a letter on Thursday evening saying they have had to change my appt to the following afternoon. I know it’s just a day and a half but I feel really upset about it, especially as they had been so quick to call before but now I just get a letter dated two days earlier! I had only just confided in two people who were both insisting they come with me, I wasn’t sure I wanted them to at first but now the day has changed neither of them can make it and I’m feeling v low and worried about what will happen. On the phone they told me its a one stop clinic and I will get results the same day…I assume they mean scan results, surely if they find something to biopsy I won’t have results there and then? Is it possible they could tell me I have cancer that day?

Hi. It’s always a worrying time but it may all turn out to be fine. When I was called back - after a mammogram - the Radiographer Dr who performed my biopsy told me there and then ‘yes it’s cancer’ which was a huge shock but at least I didn’t have to worry for following two weeks. Some can tell by shape. Mine was a tiny 10mm too. My friend went for same procedure. Dr couldn’t tell, she waited the two weeks to be told it was IDC. Others are told immediately it’s nothing. All depends on hospital on what guidelines etc they follow and which resources they have on site. Hoping it will be all fine for you…but if it isn’t, take heart in the fantastic treatments available and the caring breast cancer teams out there. Good luck.

Thanks for your reply, I’m feeling a bit better today as I’ve found someone to come with me, even looking forward to getting the day off work and fitting in some Christmas shopping before the appt! Can’t help feeling a bit scared though, my sister was diagnosed a few months ago (keep thinking that’s just made me over cautious and paranoid) and there is other family history so now I’m also concerned what it might mean for my daughter if I do get the bad news, mostly just want the waiting to be over you’re right about that being the worst I’ve never been very patient!