Fed up

Hi Ladies,

Was diagnosed stage three, triple neg in March 2006, had surgery, chemo and rads and thought that would be the end of it - but everytime I go to see Onc of Consultant something else comes up.

Referred for genetic testing and then to gynea for ovarian scan - he recommended ovairies our but my Onc went mad saying that it is totally unnecessary and I’ve to go see her today at 1550 - and for some reason I am terribly nervous about this.

Also had back pain so had an MRI in Oct which showed up abnormalities so had to have another on three months later. Radiologist said abnormalities were cystes in my hips so referred to Orapedic surgeon and have to go see him om Monday.

I am so totally fed up with this whole bl***y thing and am dreading this whole row going on between Onc and Gynea. My consultant told me when DX to take a year out of my life and sure thats a laught, here I am nearly two years from there and still being poked and prodded. I just wish it would all go away now and that I copuld get MY LIFE back without being reminded of BC all the time.

Sorry for the rant bit for some reason my gut tells me that visit to Onc is going to be very pleasant.


Sorry you are feeling down. Rant as much as you need, we are all here to help you get it off your chest. I find that a good rant is really therapeutic. I am sure you are already feeling better by posting this message here.
Unfortunately there is not much I can do for you, except hoping that your appointment today goes well.
Keep faith.

Yes, good luck for this afternoon Angie. No wonder you feel totally fed up at the moment with the whole business. It is hard enough to deal with when there seems to be one bit of bad news after another, let alone when you feel that you are being given different advice by the experts. Do hope that your visit will be more helpful than you are anticipating at the moment, don’t be afraid to say loud and clear how this is all making you feel. Do you have a breast care nurse you can talk it all through with as well? - or perhaps the BCC helpline, might help to make things clearer in your own mind. Let us know how you get on. Big hug. Sarah

Hi Angie
reading this sounds like me!
Dx 2nd time Dec '06 surgery all through Jan - March '07(4 ops) followed by chemo (finished July '07). Referred to genetics Nov '07, Gynea Nov '07 for ovarian screening with a view to have them removed. Problems with my back, bone scan Dec '07. Reconstruction using expenders Jan '08, i go every two weeks for expansion, next one 18th, due at Gynea 25th, onc 4th April & bone scan, then genetic testing i have been told within the next two months.
So i know what you mean, LEAVE ME ALONE!!!
It’s good to rant, i do it alot & the odd glass of wine does’t go amiss either.
Take care
Louise xx

Hi ladies,

thanks for listening and it is good to know someone else feels this way.

Well, the appointment went well, my Onc was not aware of the genetic risk and was quite annoyed that she hadn’t been informed - so ovaries coming out asap (gynes away skiing all March so should be March. She also reckons that he might remove the womb as well due to some bleeding I’ve had. Poor woman got it in the neck from me and told her that I was so fed up with the whole sorry mess, not feeling like I did before dx etc etc, it was great getting letting of steam and she let me. She told me that unfortuately some cancer journeys go on for years and that mine has another way to go yet.

So ladies if you want to shout, roar or whatever go ahead because its wonderful.

And Louise, I do the ‘odd glass of wine’ as well. At the start of chemo my onc told me that champagne was good for people on chem and I thought this was said tongue in cheek - but apparently it’s true, the bubbles help with nausea.

So thankyou ladies, from a more positive angela

Wow!! Champers with chemo - best thing I have heard yet!!!

Really, that lit up my face too – awesome – a little glass of champagne and we might just slip into a delicious world that has become so foreign to us!

Way to go Angie, I say rant more!