Fed Up

Hi all,
Just fed up at the moment, really can’t get my backside in gear to do anything. The house is a mess, there is so much to do and all I want to do is lie about and eat rubbish.

Anyone else feel the same?


Yep - did that too. Then I realised that as my Mam was coming to stay to look after me post-op I better get the place tidied up … she was great whilst she was here tho and kept on top of everything. When she went home I did the essentials but stuff like the ironing was left to build up.

The housework will still be there next week - don’t fret too much as long as the bathroom and kitchen are hygenic and you can physically get to your bed then have yourself a couple of lazy days.

Hi Lisa I am just the same . sometimes i do’nt know whether it’s tiredness or complete lack of motivation. What stage are you at? Had my chemo ended two short because onc said I was to low to take anymore. I am awiting appt for Ct scan and markings for Rads. I just want to run away and hide and I do’nt want to go to hospital for 5 weeks of rads. I do’nt want to do anything . The house niggles at me but I just cannot get stuck in. This BC has taken over my life… or am I letting it!!! I just want to wake up and find it’s just a nightmare.
Lots of love and ((((hugs))))) Soooooooooooooo Sorry i cannot feed you anything positive to help you. Watch this space , I bet some of our cybermates will. Bobbiexx

Totally know how you feel Lisa, Im just not feeling like me anymore. Sickness isnt as bad today but really bad back and stomach pains and cant be bothered, house is a tip and just wanna laze aroudn which I know isnt doing me anygood. Do you think its cos we are in a limbo for now? I feel like my life is on hold when maybe I should be making the most of it.

Here’s to a new day tomorrow

Yeah I think it is the whole limbo thing. I am waiting to see my oncologist after having 2 op’s, the first didn’t get healthy margins. I don’t know I just don’t want to be in the house and do the normal things. I’d rather be out driving or meeting friends or anything, rather than stay in the house. While I was in having my first op loads of people offered to tidy etc but OH said no and now it’s worse and I just want to disappear and come back sometime and have it all neat and tidy and a home again. Deja vu, I’ve written most of this before. My husband spends all his time on the PC and only does things if asked and even then its usually after a bit of huffing and puffing. It was bad before the dx now I really just want it done before the chemo starts.

In saying that I am doing little, well it comes in spurts, one day I’ll do the washing and sort the dishes etc then the next day I can’t be bothered. My social life is through the roof over the next few weekends and I just can’t sit on my backside in the house. Maybe I want to really enjoy myself before I have no choice but to sit down.

Anyway having a better day now, been out and watched the last episode of Sex and the City in prep for our SATC night on Friday, we are all dressing up and then going for dinner. Forgot all about Samantha and her bc story so I am now in the mood to watch Smith stick by her through her treatment.

Bobbie I hope you are feeling a little cheerier, find something to sit and do and chill and take it easy. If you want to run away you can run away and come to N. Ireland lol. I’m not looking forward to the chemo etc but it’s needed, this bloody thing isn’t going to beat me.

Thank you ladies for cheering me up.
Take care

Hiya, still in pain but not as bad today and been out and about - defo know what you mean though, my friends said how many last nights out can someone have as our excuse was last one before surgery, then 3 weeks later I was out, then I said last before chemo but hopefully there will be more, but make sure you enjoy your SATC party - sounds fun!! And you can drool over smith!! I wanna see the move but a bit aprehensive as heard its weepy and wanna know how before I watch it!!! Been to the beach for a BBQ with family today and makes you appreciate how much family and friends rally round when something bad happens!!

Off to Watch Wild Hoggs on sky movies - always makes me giggle!!

Yeah can’t wait. My mother-in-law had a dig at me for going out a bit, so I very bluntly replied “well it’ll be a while before I get to go out like this”, she didn’t know what to say. Mind you I feel like a bad mother at the moment, tonight is the first night Abby (2) has stayed at home since Fri and the boys still aren’t home lol. Ah well should make the most of it really shouldn’t I. Did actually get my finger out today and do some washing although went shopping again to Sports World and got 2 outfits each for the kids for summer and a polo shirt and shorts for me, when I’ll wear them I have no idea but it felt good, retail therapy rocks at the moment.

I’m shattered and really should just go to bed but as usual come on here for a nosey and before you know it it’ll be midnight.

Taking my mum and my kids to the beach/country park tomorrow might take a picnic if it’s nice although they have a nice cafe there and my mate works there so she can do the whole education officer gumf and keep the kids happy.

Sorry you are feeling sor Losa I hope it settles down soon. Haven’t seen Wild Hogs yet although I have the DVD here and the Teutels(?) from American Chopper are in it and they are fantastic.

Talk to you all tomorrow

Talk tomorrow, as was just popping in and now keeping me awake.
Have a lovely day tomorrow and make sure you enjoy it all!

p.s. I’ve shopped like a nutter for the last few weeks - credit card is hiding!!

Hi, think we are all the same bc does takes over your life it is very draining emotionally as well as physical, doing the housework just does not seem important, although i suppose you have to try and get on with it as part of our everyday lives, to all who can be bothered especially if you have young children try and do the needy in the house if you can, take all the rest and help you might be offered and enjoy as much quality time with the kids as much as possible, i know that can be hard especially if you feel ill or having a downer so just enjoy what you can. Iv,e experianced this journey both with young kids 8+6 and now with my grandaughter who still lives with us she is 17mnths and it is hard especially with the baby as they need so much attention. There were some days when i had to muck in i thought i could just roll over and quit, of course you don,t u just find the strength and get on with it (just had chemo today and seem to be rambling on) hopefully it will get better good luck and take care to all.

Dear all

I’m just 36 and celebrating 5 years post diagnosis and my house has never recovered from how I felt during chemo etc!!

Stuff it I say - life’s too short - enjoy the good and you can’t always change the bad. I have convinced myself that I’m just letting my sons (14 & 12) have a taste of student digs early (well… maybe it’s not that bad!)

Best wishes

Good on you exhausted kids would just lie back and let you get on with it. So you go girl.
Love Reneexx.

I recently ,after having a bad week ,took it up on myself for the first time ever to deliver 26 shirts to be ironed at a local shop. It was the best £17 I have spent in ages. It was a hot sunny day and I sat in my garden with a cool drink whilst the staff at the shop “steamed”. Normally I would be aghast at such a luxury but hey, life is too short and although I wouldn’t make a habit of it I see it as part of my treatment!!It gave me a boost for the following week as I was then “in front” rather than behind with everything.
love to all
Kay x

Yeah Kay, that is the way to do it.
I did that for a while but it cost me about £80 a week so gave it a miss very quickly.
I will just be calling on the help of all my friends who offered in the not too distant future.
How is everyone doing?

Loads of Love

Way to go! My aunt does all mine at a bargain rate and some times free as she does it as a job! Its great, as Im crap at ironining - I (how bad is this), threw my iron out the other day, quick necessities can be done at parents - how indulgent is that but can think of better things to do.

Hope everyone okay

I am so so so fed up. Got my appointment through for the oncologist. I suppose I should be happy I am moving forward but really really want my life back today, tomorrow I will be fine.

How’s everyone else doing?