Feel a cold coming on - any suggestions

Hi all
Had TAC number 5 on Friday and felt quite rough. Now starting to pick up but I’ve developed a runny nose. I phoned the chemo unit and they’ve said so long as it stays off my chest I should be OK.
I’ve been making myself manuka honey and lemon hot drinks but has anyone any other ideas.
Feel a bit down as it was all going so well- managed to get to no 5 and little hassle.
Woe is me today!



Bummer!! No, nothing clever to suggest I’m afraid. Just wanted to cheer you on!
I really hope it turns out to be hayfever or something!
Rest and lots of fluids? Orange juice?
All the best
Jacquie x

Hi Muddy,
I had a slightly runny nose while on the chemo drug taxol. It wasn’t the flu just a side effect of the drug. Could that be it? Hope it clears up. Get lots of rest like Jacquie said.
All the best, xx

Hi Muddy

It could be the drugs, but i agree, lots of fluids and try to ward it off, don’t go outside!

What did they say about your chest? Mine feels slightly tight today, is it advisable to call them?

Cecelia. x

Hi folks
Thanks for your replies. Feeling a touch better but not great.
Cecelia, I phoned the unit and told them my nose was runny and they suggested keeping an eye on it and if I felt it was moving to my chest to get in touch with them for an antibiotic. My chest has been fine but if you feel yours is a little tight I’d give them a ring.
Teacup - you’re right about the usual runny nose - I do tend to have it on TAC but this was a bit more yukky (at the risk of putting you off your tea it was a dirty old nose) Yuk (too much information ahhh)
Jacquie - thanks I’ve laid low all day not lifted a finger - house and washing can wait.
quisie- much as I love your idea I think I’d vomit at garlic - I did make myself some baked mushroom at lunch and put on plenty of garlic so hope that might help

Ladies will hang in there - don’t you just love this cancer lark!!

Hi Muddy

My boyfriend had a nasty cold recently so I started taking echinacea to boost my immune system since it would’ve been tricky to avoid him! I used to live with a pharmacist and she swore by it for avoiding colds… It’s meant to take a few days to start working but worth a go I reckon.

Also - really hot steamy showers are great for your air passages.

Hope you feel less sniffly soon!

Jo x

Hi Muddy

If in doubt, go to your chemo unit and get them to check you out. You may have an infection with which you need help. It is best to “nip it in the bud”.

I speak from experience - I felt “quite rough”, as you put it, and initially thought I was doing myself a favour by taking paracetamol. However, that was a bad thing to do as it potentially masked an infection, and in fact I ended up in hospital for 6 nights with low neutrophils not once, but twice, and needed IV antibiotics.

All the best

I was told just to take lemsip and rxpect the cold to take longer to fight off and watch out for any signs of it getting worse! Not sure if that’s any help.

Hi all
Just to say I feel much better - I have been taking lots of rest. Nose still a little runny but not at all like what it was and I know TAC can impact on your sinus so am not too concerned.
Thanks for your words of wisdom

Take care


i was hoping you’d try the garlic - since my chest infection i’ve been really wheezy and coughing - my daughter keeps telling me how good the garlic would be but … i look at the clove and it looks at me with this “just you dare” look. so i daren’t. lol
glad you’re feeling better

Don’t think I was just brave enough - surgery and chemo I can handle but raw garlic just pushed me over the edge.LOL
Thanks folks I really am feeling so much better and more positve now - this TAC number 5 has been tough. I really thought I was in labour last night with the pains in my tummy - but alas no baby arrived!! OK now - thanks for helping me through the last few days - I know I can rely on you loadies out there!!


I mean ladies (not loadies)

really good to hear you’re feeling better Muddy - maybe someone else will be terribly brave :wink:

stay well


x x x

Glad to hear you are feeling better Muddy. I chewed a clove a garlic a couple of wks ago. It was ok but I haven’t done it since, perhaps a sign! Ha!
Sounds terrible those “labour pains” you were having. So glad you’re ok now.
Take care,